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A hipster’s guide to Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the hub of London life for hipsters so there’s no better place to plan your cool weekend break. The alternative anti-pop lifestyle has spread over London with the introduction of all sorts of shops and attractions that are way outside the box of ordinary touristy activities. There ar

Top things to do in Shoreditch’s Brick Lane

Brick Lane has become one for the most popular areas for locals and tourists in search of alternative entertainment, quirky venues and amazing eateries. Much like the rest of London, the area is a diverse melting pot of different cultures. That’s what makes it such a great place to visit no matter

Spend a perfect day at the Geffrye Museum and its gardens

The vibrant nature of London is what brings so many people back to the city year after year. Its acceptance and celebration of different cultures, tastes and ideas is the reason why so many tourists choose to spend their time exploring London’s cultural districts. There’s one place, in particula

Teens in London

If you’re planning a holiday or a family trip it can be hard enough trying to organise the travel and accommodation, let alone the itinerary. Planning events that the whole family will enjoy can be very difficult, especially if you have teenagers. The teen years can be quite difficult and a lot of

Must visit cinemas in East London

The silver screen has never been as popular as in recent years. A huge number of blockbuster releases have breathed new life into the world of cinema. London is home to some of the biggest and best modern picture houses in the world and you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re hoping to catch a [&h

Montcalm’s London guide for horror fans

You’ll find thrills, chills and ghoulish secrets all over the historic city of London and its backstreets. For centuries London has harboured a darker side that not many people get a chance to see when they visit the city. From infamous killers and crooks to ghostly sites, horror fans will find pl

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