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Travel from King’s Cross to Shoreditch

Shoreditch is easily one of the most fashionable areas in London and has become home to all manner of bars, restaurants, galleries, clubs and live music venues. At the moment you can't turn around without stumbling into a new opening, which is what makes it such an exciting place for you to v

Things to do near Shoreditch High Street Station

If you're new to Shoreditch, then we would suggest that you start your day or night out from Shoreditch High Street Station. This is largely because it's easy to get to, as it's served by mainline and Tube services, while there are also lots of great things to do near the station and

Exploring Shoreditch in London

There are lots of different neighbourhoods for you to explore when you're in London and each one is as exciting and interesting as the one before it.

One of the best things about the Big Smoke is that there are so many places for you to explore and the variety of boroughs there are

6 tips for you to enjoy London at its best

London is a city that has a lot of spirit - there are so many things for you to do and see when you're in the Big Smoke that sometimes it can almost be a little overwhelming.

However, if having too much choice for things to do is your biggest problem, then you should know already th

The perfect guide to shopping in London

If you enjoy shopping then you're probably already aware that London is perfect for a bit of retail therapy. It's one of the fashion capitals of the world and is renowned for its fashion week runway shows and shops that are full to the brim with everything from the latest high-end designe

Brick Lane vs Rough Trade

If you consider yourself to be pretty hip and like to make sure that you stay on trend with music, food and everything else, then you're sure to be interested in spending time on Brick Lane or at one of the Rough Trade stores in London.

Although there are arguments for which is bett

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