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4 strategies to connect with millennials

Although it can be a complex term to describe, the word millennial can have a lot of power in the consumer industry. This is because they account for the majority of people in the workforce across the world and they are also the majority spenders in today's modern society.


The top benefits of a facial massage

Massages are relaxing in any form but facial massages are particularly good for relaxing you, especially if you've had a stressful day... or run of days.

According to, the face is full of nerves and pleasure points, which is why we feel so pampered when someone gives

London office versus Silicon Valley office

London's Tech City - also known as Silicon Roundabout - is constantly growing and developing, and as such has been compared to Silicon Valley in California. It's little wonder that many comparisons have been drawn, seeing as many of the tech giants like Facebook and Google have moved into

Top 9 unexpected habits of millennials travellers

Millennials are among the most frequent travellers of this age, this is for two main reasons: because they tend to be high earners who have a penchant for turning business trips into holidays and they are also big fans of travelling far afield for great experiences.

It's little wond

How to blend in like a Londoner

If you're going somewhere for the first time, like most people you won't want to stand out too much as a tourist or new person in the area.

This can be particularly important if you're going to a big city, like London on a weekend break and you haven't been there before.

London tech industry continues to thrive

For the past few years, London's economy has seen a massive boost thanks to the amount of digital and tech businesses that have opened or moved to the city. This is due in no small part to the growing area of Tech City and Silicon Roundabout, which is where the majority of digital startups an

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