12 Best Apps for Business Travellers

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Business travellers often need an extra helping hand as they navigate their way through London life. Just as visitors in the city for leisure have their own ways of getting around, finding new experiences and discovering new locations; people travelling on business also have distinct requirements.

Thankfully, a new wave of apps provide the perfect solution for this audience – here are a few of the very best.

National Rail

Sometimes staying in London for business means travelling outside of its boundaries for meetings and events. If this sounds like you, then ensuring you have National Rail’s app downloaded to your phone will give you more confidence.

The app is popular with commuters, and it has lots of information about the entire rail network stored, not simply London.


London locals swear by this app, so if you download it and start using, you know you’ll be in great company! The app helps you get around London quickly and simply, with everything from live train reports to crucial updates which will help make your life easier.

There’s lots of things to think about on your business trip, but with CityMapper you won’t feel so worried about your transport – and can navigate not only on this app but connect it to other platforms which help you book travel in a more streamlined way.


With a straightforward layout and a speedy interface, TubeMap is the perfect way to stay in the know about the tube! The information is up to date and there’s also a handy route planner, which helps you to pinpoint the quickest ways of getting from A – B in London.

For anyone who has ever felt a little lost while navigating London transport, this is a wonderful way to decode your tube timetable.

London Coffee Network

If you’re travelling on business, you probably need to stay alert – and grabbing a quick cup of coffee is a great way to achieve this goal. For business travellers at M by Montcalm Shoreditch rooms who would prefer supporting local coffee shops and ethical outlets, the London Coffee Network is a great app to download and use during your stay.

It’s the ideal companion for locating the nearest artisan coffee shop, no matter where you are in London, and could even help you locate great spots for an informal meeting over a few lattes.

UK Bus Checker

Buses might not be your go-to form of transportation when you’re in London on business, but sometimes only a bus will do. If you’re not a fan of the tube or there’re lots of delays, the London bus system is still a speedy and efficient way to get around.

UK Bus Checker gives you all the information you need to check when you need to get to each stop, and how long your journey will take. This is invaluable, particularly if you’re in a rush to meet a client or have a big event you simply can’t miss.

Hidden London

There’s sometimes much more to your business trip than just getting work done. Perhaps you’re meeting clients, or perhaps you have a little time to yourself and want to explore.

Hidden London is an app which connects you to London locations where you can beat the tourist crowd, including everything from great restaurants to lesser-known attractions all over the city.

This is a great way to impress people with your local knowledge, and it’ll also connect you to stunning spaces which you may otherwise have overlooked. For time-strapped business travellers, this app also means you needn’t sacrifice sightseeing just because you don’t have time to queue.

ATM Hunter

Though most places in London accept card, you’d be surprised how many remain cash-only. This is where ATM Hunter comes in handy; you’ll be connected to the nearest ATM to your location and can quickly draw money to pay for things like taxis or fast food.

For travellers in a hurry, this is an invaluable little gadget to have stored while staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch rooms.


Feeling hungry, but in a rush? Then you need Redi, an app which makes finding great grub simpler than ever before. The app calculates how far you are from great food, no matter where you are in the city.

As one of our favourite apps for business travellers, we’re sure you’ll enjoy using it, too; particularly if you’re in need of delicious food but conscious of your schedule!

TimeOut London

Another app specifically designed for showcasing the best London events, TimeOut London will show you all the best places to eat, shop and explore during your stay.

While staying at luxury rooms in Shoreditch, you’re already close to many of the city’s top attractions and trendiest areas, but this is a wonderful way to find out more about them and adjust each search by key criteria such as your date and preferred event type.

As with so many of the apps best suited to business travellers, TimeOut London is flexible enough to work within your specific boundaries, and will help provide some opportunities for getting out and about during your business trip.


It might only be a last resort, but Uber remains a popular way of getting around, particularly if you don’t have time to navigate public transport. Convenient and with a transparent pricing structure, download the app just in case.


If you never know quite which direction to turn on the London Underground, then StationMaster will give you a navigational helping hand.

This incredible piece of kit has a 3D map of every tube station in London, helping you get through the maze and find all the shortcuts which will make your stay much simpler. As an added bonus, not only will you waste less time travelling, but you’ll also be able to show off how well you know the tube, something which is sure to impress your colleagues.


Not sure what you should wear, because of London’s unpredictable weather? Then download DarkSky, an app designed to keep you up to date on this all-important part of British life.

The app will tell you whether you can expect rain in your London location, and will help you to pack smarter – bringing all the essentials (umbrella, raincoat, waterproof shoes) which will keep you looking and feeling your best, no matter what the weather has in store.