3 Spa Treatments to Help Combat Dry Skin


Montcalm hotels provide a range of incredible spa treatments designed to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Some of the most popular treatments target specific problem areas, or simply provide the chance to unwind and get away from city life for an hour or two.

Dry skin is a common complaint, and one which can be helped with a combination of treatments and lifestyle changes. If you’re staying in the city and eager to combat your own dry skin problems, then help is close at hand. 

What are the best dry skin treatments at Montcalm spa?

Guests at M by Montcalm Shoreditch London have access to a carefully curated selection of spa treatments, many of which help combat dry skin with a combination of exfoliation and moisturising. 

Take a look at the following treatments and consider adding one (or more) to your itinerary the next time you’re in London… 

Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual

This indulgent spa ritual has been noted for its luxuriousness, and offers 1hr 30mins of pure relaxation. The treatment starts with an azure water foot bath, which protects and hydrates the skin.

Next, the treatment is followed with the Exotic Island full body scrub, a relaxing massage which harnesses Lomi-Lomi techniques. For the final stage, Polynesian Sacred Oil is applied to the skin, leaving a distinctive glow and the soothing scents of Monoi and flowers.

The Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual treatment is best-suited to people with dry skin who are seeking an extra-luxurious way to pamper themselves during their stay in London. 

Thalgo Indocane Spa Ritual 

Designed to rejuvenate, this spa ritual is also a luxurious 1hr 30mins, and begins with a foot ritual using Egyptian Precious Milk, which soothes and softens the skin.

This section of the treatment is followed by a Mediterranean-inspired exfoliation, and an Ayurverdic massage with warming oils.  After this stage, visitors will then be treated to a full body wrap which leaves them with smoother, softer skin.

In contrast to the first ritual on our list, the Thalgo Indocane Spa Ritual will invigorate as well as relax – leaving guests at Shoreditch London accommodation ready to take on all the city has to offer.

Thalgo Sea & Senses Hot Stone Body Treatment (including exfoliation)

This treatment is perfect for achieving a state of true relaxation during your stay in London, and combines both a marine hot stone treatment with full body exfoliation. This helps to both alleviate stress and tension, and banish toxins – all while smoothing and softening skin.

The Thalgo Sea & Senses Hot Stone Body Treatment takes only 1hr 15mins to complete, making it a slightly less lengthy option for those on London weekend breaks, eager to continue their journey through the city.

How can I prevent dry skin?

For those who prefer prevention to a cure, there are plenty of ways you can help reduce the likelihood of dry skin. Some people are more prone to this issue than others, but even a few small changes to your lifestyle can make a world of difference.

Moisturise regularly

Never underestimate how effective moisturising can be! However, it is also important to select a moisturiser which works with your skin type – if in doubt, see a dermatologist to get a full analysis and customised recommendations.

Some people favour oils over liquid moisturisers, but for others these can cause break-outs. Selecting the perfect one for your own skin will help you get the best results and none of the unwanted side effects. You can help to heighten the effectiveness of your moisturiser even further, by applying it after a hot bath or shower.

Drink lots of water

Some drinks can actively work to dehydrate our skin – alcohol and coffee are two such culprits. However, water is a fundamental building block of our bodies, and when we drink enough of it, it shows! We recommend staying hydrated throughout the day, and replacing caffeinated drinks with water whenever possible. This will give you a natural energy boost and also ensure you look your best, staving off troublesome dry skin.

Wear protective clothes

Dry skin can also be caused by the elements, particularly during winter. Central heating dehydrates the skin, and the chill outside is just as bad for those who struggle with this issue.

We recommend wrapping up warm during the colder months of the year, and wearing protective, seasonally appropriate clothes during the summer, when dry skin can also be an issue. Burns and excessive tanning wreak havoc with even the most comprehensive of skincare routines. Wearing a hat in the sun and a coat in the winter will help prevent damage to skin and allow you to manage its moisture levels more effectively.

Shorten your baths or showers

It might sound strange, but the longer you spend in the water, the more likely you are to develop dry skin problems. This is particularly true of anyone who enjoys swimming in a chlorinated pool, but it can also apply just as readily to users of different shower and bath gels.

Even some products which are specifically advertised as moisturising can sometimes simply mask the problem for a little while, rather than fixing it. We recommend keeping your showers and baths as short as possible and choosing bath and shower products which are designed for sensitive skin.

Where can I buy dry skin products?

London is a treasure trove for finding great skincare, with everything from pharmacies to skincare specialists within easy reach. We suggest you tailor your own solutions to both your skin and your budget. At some venues, you will even be able to book a consultation for an in-depth look at how to resolve your dry skin problems.

Space NK in Soho offers expert guidance on both skincare and cosmetics which won’t irritate your skin, whilst historic department store Liberty (also in Soho) has an extensive skincare section offering luxury items perfect for managing dry skin.