The 4 best murals in Shoreditch


The London art scene is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world. Every day new artists emerge onto the scene and bring new ideas and fresh perspectives that question society and take art to new places.

The street art movement born out of London has bred some of the best talents in the country and has resulted in countless amazing works that can be seen around the city streets. If you’re planning a trip to our Boutique Hotels Shoreditch, here are some of the best places to see urban murals and public art.


Art Wall

Great Eastern Street, London

The amazing thing about Shoreditch is the incredible diversity that can be found in the local culture and the way that the community prides itself on promoting new and innovative art styles. The Art Wall is a project that was set up to provide local street artists with a place to get creative and promote their work in a public environment. Since the wall was established it has been used by a variety of new and recognisable creatives which have provided the local community with some of the most innovative pieces in the city. Be sure to bring your camera along when you stay at our Boutique Hotels Shoreditch so you can snap some shots of this unique concrete canvas.

No Good Reason

Braithwaite Street, London

This bold mural was created by renowned street artist, Gary MSK and is one of the most eye-catching pieces that can be found on the streets of Shoreditch. The bold orange background stands out from far away and the perfectly drawn lettering that spells out ‘no good reason’ has resulted in a mural that will make you think and have you admiring the skill and effort that went into its creation.

Terry Pratchett Tribute

Old Shoreditch Tube Station, London

This incredible work of art by well-known urban painter Jim Vision is one of the most detailed graffiti works in the whole of London. The mural was made in tribute to the great writer, Terry Pratchett and has become a go-to spot for photographers and fans of underground culture in London. At the centre of the piece is the man himself and around the periphery are a number of his iconic creations. This image shows the dedication and skill of the artist and is definitely worth checking out.

Ribbon Figure

Brick Lane, London

Located at what is now the Black Eagle Brewery on popular Brick Lane, this unique piece of art was created by London’s favourite Chilean urban painter, Otto Schade. The great thing about Otto’s art is its unique ability to grab your attention by appealing to you on an emotional level. The intricate detail used in his graffiti paintings is what’s helped him to become one of the most popular urban artists on the scene. The Ribbon Figure at Black Eagle Brewery is just one example of this and is sure to inspire conversation amongst you and your friends.