4 Clubs Where You’ll Want to Dance the Night Away on Your Next Stay


London has always been known for its vibrant nightlife, so there’s lots of great clubs where you can be sure of a fun-filled evening out. Whether you’re seeking dance, trance or something a little more traditional, London has it covered! Here are four of the very best nightspots to try out your dance moves on your next trip to the city.



This mainstay from London’s club scene provides two-floors of dancing space, ideal for those who really want to experience the authentic nightclub experience during their stay at M by Montcalm in Shoreditch. The venue draws major talent from around the country to DJ and perform and uses high-tech sound and light displays to create the ultimate party ambience. XOYO is particularly popular with fans of techno and house, although the club does also throw disco nights and themed events from time to time, ensuring there’s always something new happening.

The Grand


Once an enormous Victorian theatre, now one of the largest club venues in South West London, The Grand is normally cited as one of the top locations for visitors hunting down London’s nightlife – and one of the best places to hear the best music. Club nights take place every weekend, and the overall vibe is relaxed and chilled out, perfect for busting a few dance moves. The property is historic, but the entertainment is always up-to-the-minute. This club also stays open until late, so you can stay out until the early hours and nurse your hangover the following day at your spa hotel in Shoreditch.

Jazz Cafe


This Camden mainstay is not only one of the best clubs in the local area, but one of the most popular venues in the entire city. Jazz fans are drawn to the Jazz Cafe, but it also welcomes plenty of newcomers to the genre, who are simply eager to experience the stunning live sets and music. The property has an intimate feel and a great bar, providing the ideal environment for plenty of dancing. When you stay at suites in Shoreditch, this would make the ideal night out in England’s capital, discovering new talent or enjoying some of the biggest names in jazz in one atmospheric space.



With a history which dates back over 16 years, Fabric has spent much of the early 21st century establishing itself as one of the top clubs in London, and a major landmark in the city’s nightlife scene. The club includes three rooms which provide a variety of music styles and club nights, regularly attracting crowds eager to see some of the world’s top DJs perform live. Fabric is a rare venue in that things never seem to slow down, and even Sunday still provides tons of techno, house and disco until the early hours. This is an essential stop on any tour of local clubbing haunts.