5 Lessons Learned About Interiors From Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace london

A tour around Buckingham Palace is one of the undisputable highlights of any visit to London, and the impressive and beautiful interiors will leave you feeling awed and inspired.

You don’t need to have a royal palace of your own to feel enthused by what you can discover here though – with plenty of exciting things to see around Buckingham Palace, it’s hard not to come away buzzing with new ideas.

Read on for some of the great things to experience at Buckingham Palace, and what you could learn from this once-in-a-lifetime tour.

Plan the perfect entrance with the Grand Staircase

A visit to the Palace is always started in style by walking up the Grand Staircase. It’s little wonder that it’s such a charismatic and dramatic piece of architecture in the Palace, as the architect behind its design, John Nash, was greatly influenced by the world of theatre and brought plenty of theatrical flourishes in his work around the Palace overall.

For anyone interested in interior design, the Staircase provides a master-class in how to build a sense of excitement as you enter the main State Rooms. You’ll see full-length portraits of various historic members of the Royal Family from over the centuries lining the walls, and wide, curving steps rising towards the upper levels, surrounded by ornate sculptures. Don’t forget to look overhead to catch a sight of the beautiful Dome, crafted from 40 panes of glass and etched with delicate angels.

Discover the timeless style of the White Drawing Room

The State Rooms are the heart of any visit to Buckingham Palace, with 19 different rooms, all designed for individual purposes. Each of them are packed with historic and invaluable treasures from the Royal Collection, including works of art, sculptures and specially commissioned furniture.

The White Drawing Room is one of the most impressive of them all. You might recognise the room from the Queen’s Christmas Broadcasts, or one of Royal Family portraits, but it’s most often used for small gatherings with ambassadors, High Commissioners and other guests. Its ornate white and gold colour scheme looks utterly regal and timeless, while the striking red carpet provides the perfect contrast. Inside the room, you’ll find a number of portraits of past Royals, glittering chandeliers and fresh flowers, for a beautiful and sophisticated look.

The White Drawing Room also has a hidden secret to look out for, if you feel like channelling your inner secret spy. Keep an eye out for disguised door, hidden in plain sight as a mirror and cabinet. While we don’t all need secret entrances in our living rooms, it might provide some great inspiration for multi-purpose furniture, to help make the most of space.

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Get a taste for drama in the Throne Room

If you’ve been enjoying the bold and dramatic style of the Montcalm Brewery, then a visit to the Throne Room will leave you with plenty of fresh ideas for introducing a little more drama into your interior spaces.

Designed by John Nash, the Throne Room features a bold arch and canopy over the main thrones, with a hint of theatrical flourish. The throne room features the Chairs of Estate, which were originally used for the Queen’s coronation ceremony in 1953. You’ll also be able to see the chairs designed for King George VI’s coronation, as well as Queen Victoria’s famous single throne.

The drama of the Throne room is made even more impactful with bold shades of red around the room, from the beautiful carpeting and wall coverings, to the dark scarlet shades across the drapes and chairs. You can also take a closer look at the gleaming, golden chandeliers and portraits adorning the space.

Find artistic inspiration in the Queen’s Gallery

A tour around Buckingham Palace is more than just gorgeous and sumptuous rooms – while you’re there, it’s well worth exploring the Queen’s Gallery, where you’ll find regularly changing exhibitions, featuring the rich variety of artwork from the royal collection.

Until October this autumn, you’ll find over 200 pieces on display from the renowned Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibition shows off numerous drawings that reflect the artist’s varied interests, from anatomy and engineering, to flora and fauna. It’s the perfect place to find some fresh ideas for bringing artwork into your own home.

Experience the magic of the Ballroom

If you’ve been researching event venues in Shoreditch, a visit to the Ballroom is a must. Used today for major official activities at the Palace, the Ballroom is the largest of the State Rooms, and features a musicians’ gallery, organs and an impressive setting for any event. The Ballroom is often used for investitures and State Banquets, as well as other large occasions.

The Ballroom features the characteristic red and gold colour scheme of the Palace, along with impressive chandeliers overlooking the expansive room, drapes and sumptuous furnishing. But it’s also made even more remarkable with statues set atop a triumphant arch, with sphinxes and thrones below the canopy, as well as winged figures, representing History and Fame.

A visit to the Ballroom will also give you a closer insight into how much effort is required in setting up the enormous space for special occasions, such as welcoming prime ministers and presidents from around the world. Every event takes ten days of prep work, including three days just to lay every table in the room. Each banquet in the Ballroom also requires 19 special stations to coordinate the complex process of managing and serving courses.

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But, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment! Tickets are limited as tours of Buckingham Palace are only available to the public throughout the summer.