5 local stores for hip festive gifts


Shoreditch is a hipster paradise with a wealth of unique stores and locations which provide the ideal backdrop for a hip shopping break no matter the time of year. There are many shops close by which will help support even the most discerning of hipster-types in finding the ideal gift for loved ones this time of year, and by staying in the area you’re never far from a new alternative spot for finding something original or out of the ordinary.


Luna & Curious 

Stocked by young artisans, this store specialises in English arts and crafts including hand-painted ceramics, beautifully embroidered gifts and a range of home-made jewellery. Winning a place on any hipster’s guide to Shoreditch, there’s so much to see here – and the shop also provides a wonderful place for new artists to display and sell their work.



Not so much a store as a shopping complex, but nonetheless, Boxpark is a great destination for finding hip gifts from some of the top brands in the world, as well as Lesser- known boutiques filled with a wide array of items perfect for all kinds of recipients. The venue is unmistakably quirky, first opening in 2011 as a pop-up mall. It’s continued to grow and develop since then.


For this Christmas, there’s The Secret Santa Shop for grabbing a few quick items for co-workers, and Papersmiths for fans of literature. Meanwhile, Sprayground features plenty of alternative-style bags and luggage with vivid logos, and the many clothing and accessories venues all mingle with street food for a quick refuelling break from your shopping while staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London.



Within easy reach of Shoreditch clubs in London, this shop might not look like much from the outside, in fact, its diminutive size means you might walk past without even noticing! But step inside and you’ll soon see that the interior certainly packs a punch. It is absolutely tiny, but every piece of available space is used to compile a collection of ultra-trendy and alternative clothing, homewares and accessories, all of which make ideal gifts for the coolest people in your life.


Labour and Wait 

This store specialises in vintage-style kitchen items and domestic goods, alongside plenty of vintage clothing and gloriously old-fashioned children’s gifts made of natural materials. There’s also a range of vintage-style bags and satchels, accessories and notebooks – all of which combine to make Labour and Wait, truly hip space for finding your next gift during your stay in London.


Ally Capellino 

Understated and decorated in neutral colours, British designer Ally Capellino’s store is a haven for hip and happening visitors to the city, offering a range of signature pieces from her collection. It includes everything from bags to wallets, purses to belts and other accessories. Supporting a local creative makes for the ideal way to find a present for your loved ones during your trip to the city.