5 Quirky Bars in London


It could never be said that Londoners lack a love of all things quirky, and some of the city’s bars help prove this fact beyond a doubt. While there’s an almost limitless number of venues to choose from in the capital, these are some of our favourites offering a night out of the ordinary…

Below Zero Ice Bar

 Ice Bar

For those who can’t quite make it to some of the world’s colder climates, London’s Ice Bar replicates the experience in this admittedly highly touristic but nonetheless extremely unusual venue. There are ice sculptures galore, and the bar offers thirty-minute slots designed around those seeking novelty as well as great drinks. Everything here is made of ice, from the tables to the cocktail glasses – so be sure to grab some photos before heading somewhere a little less chilly during your stay at the M Montcalm Tech City.


Like pink? Then you’re in luck. If the colour’s not your favourite, you might want to stay away – because Sketch has gone mad for this rose-tinted hue. Everything here is pink, from the seating to the tables to the paintwork. In a strange sort of way, it works; but it’s certainly not to everyone’s taste. As well as being a vibrant, buzzing bar, it’s also a tea room and offers both afternoon tea and breakfast/brunch options. When entering into the eccentric spirit of the place, you’re sure of a great time during your visit to the M by Montcalm Tech City.


The theme for Cahoots is a 1940’s Tube station – and the bar really achieves this aesthetic effortlessly. Everything has been meticulously crafted to be in keeping with the theme, with stairs like a 20th century Underground entrance and even an array of retro advertising signs strewn around for added character. There’s Tube maps, vintage travel paraphernalia – everything a real London fan needs to get into the spirit of their stay at suites in Shoreditch! To top it all, there’s carriage-style seating and live jazz and blues to transport you back in time.

The Schoolhouse

The theme of this bar is so well orchestrated you might even find yourself wondering if you’ve forgotten your homework – there’s school tables, lockers filled with nostalgic stuff, and meals themed around vintage school dinners. Certainly, returning to school for the evening isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but for novelty alone this is well worth a visit during your stay in London.


Fans of TV’s Breaking Bad will adore this bar, which is entirely based around the show. There’s a definite alchemy-vibe and a great attention to detail in all aspects of the bar, giving them points for originality. Expect to feel like you’re visiting a very particular kind of science lab, and to wade through plenty of dry ice when ordering. Even those who haven’t watched the programme the bar is based on will surely enjoy the peculiarity of the place.