5 Suggestions for the Ultimate Couple’s Weekend at the MByMontcalm


London is a fantastic city to visit as a couple, no matter how little time you have to explore everything on offer. A weekend trip can be made extra-special by focusing on maximising your experience in the two days you have to see the city, so read on for our complete guide to making the most of your stay…

Head to a London Museum

One thing the city is never short of is museums. There’s something to suit every taste, so whether you want to check out the history of fashion and textiles at the V&A, explore the natural world at the Natural History Museum, or find out more about the world of antiquities at the British Museum, you’ll find something which impresses you both. This is also a great opportunity to share your knowledge with your loved one during your stay at the M Hotel Shoreditch.

Have a Picnic in a Royal Park

If you’re visiting London, you’ll surely be drawn to the historic Royal Parks which surround you. For such a large city, there are plenty of great green spaces for exploring in style, and as the weather improves, they are ideal for a weekend picnic while you visit the M Hotel. There are many to choose from, including the sprawling Richmond Park, known for its deer, the regal Kensington Gardens and the bustling Hyde Park.

Visit Some Local Eateries

London is filled with fantastic cafes and restaurants, including at the M Hotel Shoreditch. Be sure to dedicate part of your stay to trying out some of the great food the city has to offer. Why not pick an area and sample some of the restaurants nearby? You can start with drinks and appetizers, and move on to different locations to try different courses. This is a great – and romantic – way to spend an evening while you visit the city.

Explore the Thames by Boat

If you’re staying in such a historic place, it would be a shame not to take a trip along the Thames at least once during your weekend visit. There are lots of ways to do this, thanks to the array of different local operators which run boat tours. The Thames runs through the centre of London, and provides a dramatic look at the city skyline including highlights like Tower Bridge, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral and Big Ben. You might not have time to visit them all during one weekend, but you can certainly see them all from the water during one afternoon or evening.

Enjoy an Evening of Theatre

London’s West End is famous all over the world for its incredible plays, with major stars of the stage and screen regularly treading the boards in a series of lavish productions, all year-round. The Spring/Summer theatre season is well underway, so you have plenty to choose from, including everything from classic plays to long-running musicals and new hits.