5 super hipster things to do in London

London cafe

London is a haven for hipsters, many of whom are drawn to the city’s many cool, quirky and unusual locations like moths to a flame. There is undoubtedly a lot to see and do here if you recognise your own hipster-like tendencies; so here’s our guide to five of the very best activities and spaces for indulging your inner hipster…

Visit the Cereal Killer Cafe

When the Cereal Killer Cafe first launched, there was much sniggering over how a cafe which specialises in cereal could ever survive – yet here it is, thriving, and providing visitors from all over the world with hundreds of different cereals and a trip down memory lane. Its dishes include some of the rarer finds from the world of cereal.

Sure to inspire plenty of nostalgia in millennials and hipsters alike, the space was originally crowdfunded into existence. There’s a trendy vibe about the cafe, as well as other quirky touches like its collection of old cartoons and emphasis on cultivating rarer finds. It helps that the two co-owners appear to truly love what they do, as this enthusiasm is infectious.

Head for Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe

The first venue of its kind in London, this cat cafe is based on the popular Japanese trend of dining with felines – and it’s taken off in a big way amongst the city’s animal-loving hipster crowd. During your stay at M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City, you’ll need to book a visit if you really want to enjoy some tea amongst the cats at the café – it requires a little pre-planning sure, but it’s well worth doing so you can indulge in a fascinating way to spend an hour or so while visiting the city.

Check Out God’s Own Junkyard

Without doubt one of the most hipster-friendly spaces in London, God’s Own Junkyard is filled with neon signs and film props, making it an illuminated wonderland within a Walthamstow junkyard. You can buy some of the signs if you feel like splashing the cash, or rent them for a big event. Alternatively, you can do what most people do – and visit to get some great photos for your social media channels while staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City.

Picnic in a Royal Park

Hipsters love to relax in the summer sunshine as much as anyone else – and London has plentiful Royal Parks which help make this a reality. From more active spaces like Hyde Park to a picnic on Primrose Hill, there are plenty of green spaces choose from, and many are within easy reach of Shoreditch high street.

See the street art on Brick Lane

London’s street art is a major draw for the cool kids, and there’s plenty of it to enjoy during your visit if you too love your art with a side of fresh air. Amongst the major hubs for seeing the best street art, we recommend a trip to Brick Lane – home to everything from Banksy artwork to more obscure creatives from across London and beyond.