5 ways hotels are appealing to millennials


By now most of us will be aware that millennials are a group of people who were born between the 1980s and early 2000s, are tech savvy, keen on travelling and are young professionals – for the most part.

With this in mind, these are areas that hotels have been looking at in order to improve their offerings to millennials and market these services to this group of people, who are dominating industries all over the world.

It’s important to remember that a millennial is more concerned with spending their money on experiences and will tend to buy things that enhance that experience, instead of just buying frivolous items.

We have pulled together five ways that you should be appealing to millennials, if you aren’t already, as according to the Huffington Post, they are fast-becoming the largest segment of travel consumers.


Millennials are a generation who expect instant gratification for everything that they do, they aren’t used to waiting for anything.

As such, all the technology in your hotel, including your Wi-Fi, needs to be faster than Mo Farah in the last 30 seconds of a 10,000 metre race.


Upgrading the connectivity of your hotel is usually a cheap endeavour and you will be paid back in spades, in reviews and bookings.

Don’t forget that you need to communicate with your millennials audience in their preferred format, which includes social media channels and through interesting newsletters.

Open spaces

Although most millennials spend their days staring at the world via their smartphone, tablet or laptop, never underestimate their group appreciation for open, communal spaces. Gone are the days of small lobbies, instead we advise you create a vast reception with tables where millennials can work or have a coffee.

You’ll be surprised just how often millennials are happy to sit at a table with someone they don’t know to have a meal or just sit at their computer.

Interesting service

Millennials are used to having whatever they want whenever they want it – again largely thanks to smartphones.

As such, they’ll want to stay in your hotel on their own terms, whether this regards virtual check in, having breakfast late or requesting things to their room. Again, this is because they enjoy having unique and personalised experiences and want to know that they aren’t treated like any other guest at a different hotel.

Introducing texting services, so they can always reach someone at the front desk or concierge is a popular choice, as it means guests don’t have to go hunting for someone to help them.


As millennials are keen on spending their money on experiences, you’ll find that they are more cost-conscious than perhaps previous generations.

One thing that can put off a millennial is if there are lots of extra charges or fees for amenities during their stay at your hotel. A way around this is to stop charging for the extras and instead work it into the total cost of the room, either put the amenities in the room or have it noted that they can be requested at no extra charge.


Hotels have begun to notice that health and exercise are becoming increasingly important to millennials, particularly when they’re on holiday.


Surprisingly, millennials are quite fond of their exercise routines and don’t like leisure or corporate trips to get in the way of their regime.

For this reason, it’s a great idea for hotels to boost their gym and fitness facilities and offer things like yoga classes or bikes for hire.