5 ways to master millennial booking trends


Tech-savvy and with a burning desire to constantly improve their travel experiences, millennials are largely quite different from the baby boomer and Generation X people who came before them.

It’s generally accepted that millennials make a point of going on several holidays a year, with some even saying that they can take up to five trips in just 12 months, making them active enthusiast for going on vacation.

Naturally, this means that this generation is very popular in the travel industry, particularly when it comes to flight companies and hoteliers. What’s also important to remember about millennials is that although they’re keen on finding a bargain, they’re also more than happy to spend money on a great experience if they believe it’ll make for a life-changing holiday.

M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel is a perfect spot for millennials to get refreshed if they’re looking for a holiday in one of the most vibrant areas of London. Similarly, those who are travelling for business are sure to find the hotel’s amenities and facilities provide everything they need to make a trip as smooth as possible.

We’ve pulled together five things that millennials do when it comes to booking their holidays that you can use to your benefit.


Fear of missing out – or FOMO – is exactly what it says: millennials don’t like the idea that they might be missing on something fun or important.


At their core, they are social creatures who want to share experiences with their peers and don’t want to feel left behind. This makes the millennial’s word-of-mouth a very powerful tool and it’s also why they can be a great asset for you, if you help make their trip even better.

Once one person has been to a place and shown and/or told their friends about how great it is, it plants a seed that they should go there too – which is really FOMO at work.

Looking for authenticity

Millennials don’t appreciate fake attitudes – gone are the days of ‘sucking up’ to customers and here are the times with the focus now on treating people genuinely so they have a good time.

What you have to do is build a genuine trust between yourself, your staff and your guests, which is very easy to achieve. For example, when a guest asks you to recommend a restaurant, don’t just recommend the same place that you tell everyone. Instead, take the time to ask them what food they like and go from there. Give them directions and maybe even suggest something fun they could do before or after dinner – they’ll appreciate it and you’ll reap the rewards of being genuine.

Ask questions

You might not realise this, but millennials love being asked questions. Why? Because it gives them the chance to give you their opinion on something, and if you’re asking them about things they would or wouldn’t like to see in your hotel, you’ll make them feel valid and that their opinion is important.

Make it a habit to ask a selection of your customers for reviews and give them an incentive to be as honest as possible by offering a free meal or breakfast when they stay over a weekend.

Doing this not only makes your millennial guests feel heard, but it’s also a great way to get free reviews and potentially even testimonials.

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