6 tips for you to enjoy London at its best


London is a city that has a lot of spirit – there are so many things for you to do and see when you’re in the Big Smoke that sometimes it can almost be a little overwhelming.

However, if having too much choice for things to do is your biggest problem, then you should know already that going on holiday to London is going to be a brilliant time.

We have just a few tips for you to keep in mind about the city to help you have a good trip and make sure you see it at its very best.

1. Look around in the Underground

Although the London Underground – more commonly known as the Tube – is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around the city, it’s so much more than just a mode of transport.


In fact, the Tube is one of the most historic sights that you can see in London, having been built so many years ago and in different stages, you can literally follow the passage of time through the tunnels when you’re riding this train.

If you’re a fan of architecture then you’re sure to appreciate the design of the different Tube stations. You can take a tour around the tunnels and see where different films and TV shows have been made, as well as look around stations that aren’t open anymore.

2. Ride the bus

Although the Tube is handy, the bus system in London is fantastic too. They can get crowded during rush hour but it’s a good way to travel around the city because you’re above ground so you’ll see things that you wouldn’t be able to find when you’re on the Underground.

3. Buy an Oyster card

You’re going to be on a lot of transport when you’re in the city, it’s unavoidable when you’re in London, so we highly recommend you invest in an Oyster card.

You can buy these at just about any Tube station in the city and they can be loaded up so you can pay as you go – you can also use them on all the Underground trains and on buses.

4. It’s always tea time

If you aren’t from the UK, you might be unfamiliar with the fact that British people love drinking tea. The standard way to have tea is with milk and sugar and people drink it at all times of the day.


For fancy afternoon tea, look no further than the Ritz or The Connaught, but if you don’t want to make a big thing out of it, then you can go to any cafe for a good old brew.

5. Museums and parks

If you’re on a bit of a budget when you’re in London the best way for you to have some fun is to go to the parks and museums.

Both of these activities are free and with museums you can learn something new and add a bit of an educational element to your holiday. Parks, on the other hand, are the perfect place to hang out with your friends, particularly if it’s a nice sunny day.

6. Head to markets

Whether you want something tasty to eat, want to shop for a bargain or just get a souvenir of your time in London then you should head in the direction of the city’s many markets.

You’ll find everything from flowers and modern art to designer clothes and thrift store items, but you can have a brilliant time just walking around and absorbing the culture around you.

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