6 tips to help you prepare for your business meeting

business meeting

In the world of business, confidence and first impressions are everything, especially if you’re planning an important business meeting with potential new clients or partners.

If you’re worried about how to make a good impression at your upcoming meeting, there’s no need to stress. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to ensure that you stay calm and confident during your stay at the M Montcalm Tech City.

Create a to-do list

The worst thing you can do during a meeting is to lose your train of thought and miss out any important points. It’s vital that you get across everything you need to during the meeting and it can help to create a list of to-dos. This could be done using cue cards weeks in advance so you can regularly go over it and ensure that you don’t miss anything out when it comes to the meeting.


Pick your best clothes

It’s important to make a good impression when addressing business partners or potential clients and while your words and ideas should be what wins them over, it’s still important to look professional and presentable. If you’re travelling to the M Montcalm Tech City for a meeting in the city, be sure to pack your best suit or outfit for the occasion. Feeling confident in your outfit is also an easy way to instil a little extra confidene in your manner as you chair the meeting.

Clear your mind

Although the lead-up to an important meeting can be nerve-wracking, you don’t want to get too worked up and risk losing your composure or forgetting anything during the meeting. Take time to relax the morning or day before your appointment. This is where a quiet walk or an afternoon relaxing at our spa hotel Shoreditch comes in handy. It will help you stay calm and get focused on what you need to do.

Learn attendees’ names

It’s easy to forget a person’s name, even if you’ve just been introduced to them. Everybody does it but during an important meeting, it can give a bad impression. A good way to eliminate this issue is by doing your research beforehand and learning all the names of the attendees. This way, you won’t be caught out when trying to address someone during the meeting.

Back up your information

There’s nothing worse than getting to a meeting room and discovering that all of your information and statistics have been lost. You never know what could happen and all it takes is for your memory stick to corrupt or for you to forget your external hard drive. Be sure to make several copies of your work or presentation so you’re always prepared.


You never know what exactly will come up in a meeting but it still helps to prepare as much as possible. You will be aware of the general topics and any information you need to present, so take time and practice your delivery to get rid of any nerves and impress clients with your confidence.