A London travel guide for corporate travellers


London is an excellent place to visit, not only in your spare time, but it’s also one of the best cities to go to when it comes to corporate travel. Why? Because it is completely brimming over with industry, economy and fun things to do that are sure to interest the corporate traveller and revive your weary senses.

Not a lot of people realise it, but tourists and business travellers have completely different needs when they go on a journey, or stay in a city hotel. This is largely because people who are working aren’t visiting somewhere for leisure – their primary objective isn’t to relax or to explore where they are. Often, unwinding and taking the time to appreciate their surroundings is an added bonus of a business trip.


Of course, this isn’t to say that corporate travellers don’t need to relax, in fact, they often need downtime more than people who are on holiday for complete pleasure.

What they really want is to find their way around cities like London as easily and quickly as possible, travel connections and places to grab some dinner or a drink. For those who have the time, they’ll also look to stay in a business-minded hotel that understands how important gym facilities are to a corporate traveller’s routine. A spa is another added bonus that this particular type of guest will appreciate after a long and tense day of meetings.

We’ve outlined all of this information below to help make a corporate traveller’s trip to London as easy and stress-free as possible.

Best airport for connectivity

As a modern traveller – of any kind – it’s important to know that you can get access to a good phone and Wi-Fi connection. However, this is particularly prevalent for travellers now, as a lot of business is conducted on the move – or when in transit.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets people can basically have a mobile office and this means that they need adequate phone and internet connections at all times. One place where this is particularly true is in the airport, as delays can be a massive part of travel and business travellers need to know that when they have to spend an inordinate amount of time in the airport they also have the ability to be connected and online just about anywhere.


The best airport for internet and phone connectivity is London Heathrow, as there is free Wi-Fi available all throughout each of the terminals. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and once you’ve registered you’ll have access to it the entire time you’re there.

If your laptop quits on you, there are also free computer desks with broadband access in every terminal, which are easy to locate. Similarly, all of the airport’s cafes, restaurants, bars and coffee shops are well-equipped with excellent phone and internet connections.

Depending on which airline you’re travelling with, you’ll also benefit from superfast connections in private or business lounges – but you’ll need to check with the particular service provider for this.

How to navigate in the city

Regardless of which airport you choose, transport links into the city are excellent – there’s lots of options to get you where you need to be.

For privacy, a lot of people tend to book private hire taxis, or there are black cabs and others that you can hail outside the airport itself. Of course, this is the most expensive way to travel into the middle of London and you can fall victim to rush hour traffic too.


From London Heathrow, you can board the aptly named Heathrow Express, which is available from  terminals one to three. It will take you to Paddington Station in London in just 15 minutes and from there you can work your way around the rest of the city via the London Underground, or the Tube, as it’s more often known.

In general, the Underground is the best way for you to get around, in terms of affordability and for sake of ease. It runs very frequently and you can pay for it by tapping your debit card on the ticket reader – so you don’t even have to have an Oyster card.

Make sure you check the Transport for London website though, in case there are any delays, cancellations or strikes.

Where to stay: M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel

For corporate travellers, the Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel is the best option from The Montcalm Luxury Hotels collection. Located in the middle of London’s Silicon Roundabout – which is twinned with Silicon Valley in San Francisco – it is set against the backdrop of business and creativity.

Business travellers are at the forefront of thinking behind this hotel, as its features, amenities and services have been created to be mindful of the needs of our corporate visitors.

When it comes to meetings and corporate events, we have professional event organisers who can help you to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. We can help you to set up a social gathering with drinks, or a corporate event or trade show, as we have plenty of space and experience.


As we are aimed towards business travellers, Wi-Fi is free throughout the hotel, meaning that you can get your work done anywhere – from the bar to the comfort of your own room. Our reception staff will also be happy to provide printing access for you, should you need it and there are computers on site for you to use at your leisure.

We know how stressful running from meeting to meeting can be, particularly if you’re the one organising an event or trade show, this is why we have a great spa on site. There is a range of treatments available, from manicures that last half an hour to full body and hot stone massages for 90 minutes, which will see you relaxed for the rest of the day.

It can be really important to take the time to get a massage, or even use the gym facilities when you’re stressed to take some time to clear your mind before you rest for the night. Doing this makes sure that you’re refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to attack the rest of the meetings and plans you have for your business trip.

What travellers can do in Shoreditch

We can’t forget that not only is this M by Montcalm hotel in Tech City, it’s also in Shoreditch – one of the trendiest areas of London by far.

Shoreditch is in the east of London and there are lots of things that you can do to unwind after a long day working. It’s highly recommended that you take some time to explore the bars and restaurants in the area – there are so many to choose from, whether you fancy a quick bite or a top-notch dinner.

Most are very easy to find, some are even right in Tube stations, for example, Magic Roundabout is a rooftop bar that is located in the middle of Old Street station roundabout – it couldn’t be easier to locate!


As it’s summer, a rooftop bar is a good choice to make sure that you get the best of the sunshine – however British weather is notoriously unpredictable, so you should have a contingency plan in case the weather is against you. Luckily, Shoreditch isn’t short of places to go and if you seek indoors, why not go all the way to the basement of Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square.

A cute, dark little haven, Happiness Forgets is a cocktail bar that’s open every day from 5pm until late – you can reserve a table or try your luck by just turning up!

The Magic Roundabout in Old Street station is just a three-minute walk to M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel, while Happiness Forgets is just ten minutes away – so you’re never too far from where you’re staying!

Art and culture in Shoreditch

If you have time to get some culture when you’re in London, you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of excellent art galleries around Shoreditch.

Some of which include Whitechapel Gallery, Hales Gallery, Parasol Unit and Transition Gallery, among many others.

Whitechapel Gallery has been a cornerstone of art for around a century in London and it’s internationally renowned thanks to its collections and exhibitions. The organisers of this gallery have debuted artwork by famous artists such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Frida Kahlo. Of course, this hasn’t just been the home of classic artists, it’s also showcased contemporary greats like Lucian Freud and Sophie Calle.

You can take yourself there at any time of year to explore photography, film and art exhibitions and artists commissioned work and historic archives. If you have time, the gallery also offers art courses, but you’ll need to be on a business trip for quite a while to take advantage of these!

Akin to the bars, restaurants and other businesses in the area, there are also a lot of independent art galleries in Shoreditch. One of these is the Transition Gallery, which is run by local artists who play host to up-and-coming names in the industry. They also publish art books and magazines on site, so it’s worth having a look around to check out the innovative projects that they create together.

Wellness centres for fitness freaks

As we said, there are great gym and spa facilities in M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel but Shoreditch also has a great range of wellness centres in its vicinity.

There are a variety of classes that you can take part in and that will suit all kinds of fitness fans. Head to Bootcamp Pilates City to get a sweat on after a tough meeting, or try an appointment with a registered professional at London Osteopathy on Broadgate.