An afternoon at the Geffrye Museum


There are plenty of ways to spend an afternoon in London, especially if it is your first time in the city. Those in search of history and culture will find a world of historical treasures at the iconic Geffrye Museum in Shoreditch.

The museum was established in 1914 and for over a century has served as an artistic and cultural time capsule. Visitors making their way to the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch will not want to miss out on the unique opportunity to delve into the city’s past. Here are a collection of things that you’ll find as you explore the museum.



The aim of the Geffrye Museum is to bring together all aspects of lifestyle and design from every era of the past century. The furniture collection is a superb example of how trends and fashion have changed over the years. From vintage 1920’s armchairs to sleek 70’s dining suites, you’ll find a huge array of different styles, materials and colours as you explore the timeline of British interior design. This is especially worth checking out for anyone visiting the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch planning to redecorate their home soon.


The literary archive at the Geffrye Museum is made up of a vast collection of publications and documents that outline the vibrant history of housing design and home life throughout the 20th century. With hundreds of books, pamphlets and magazines that span topics ranging from interior design to social history and architecture, you’re sure to find something that will keep you interested and teach you something new.

Closing Christmas Party

6-7 Jan, 2018

After the New Year bells have rung out and everyone is gearing up for another year of fun, the Geffrye Museum will be closing its doors to the public. Don’t worry though, the closure isn’t permanent. A two-year-long refurbishment project will take place that is designed to give the museum a new look and a lot of new and exciting features. To celebrate this, the museum is hosting a special event in January where the whole family can enjoy live music, great food and a look at the discounted museum gifts that will need to be sold before closure.

Life in the Living Room

This set of exhibits is the backbone of the museum and provides a unique look into the country’s past. There are multiple rooms throughout the museum that have been designed and put together with amazing detail to showcase exactly what living rooms looked like throughout history. Spanning all the way back to the 1600s, this journey through time will demonstrate how your ancestors lived and the styles of their times.


Anyone looking for inspiration for their next home decoration project will find a huge range of colourful and creative designs in the textiles collection at the Geffrye Museum. With sample books and vintage wallpaper collections from previous decades, the exhibit shows you how design has changed over the years and how today’s interior design trends are influenced and inspired by previous generations.