Alternative gigs, theatre and art shows to add to your Shoreditch itinerary (end of March/April)


Shoreditch is without a doubt one of the most creative, vibrant areas in London, meaning there’s always a lot to see and do for those in the mood for everything from the next great gig, to a fantastic new theatre show and all the latest from the art world. In this brief guide, we’ll talk you through some of the best events coming up…

Self Esteem

Village Underground / 20th March 2019 

British R&B and alt-pop singer Rebecca Lucy Taylor, better known as the lead singer of Slow Club (and her pseudonym Self Esteem), will be performing at this venue on 20th March 2019. This gig is one of a select few throughout the UK this Spring/Summer, so tickets are in high demand. Village Underground provides the ideal backdrop, as a venue noted for its support of the local creative scene in Shoreditch. Housed in a former warehouse, this is one of the best venues close to M Montcalm Tech City.

Neon Waltz

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen / 22nd March 2019

This Scottish band is playing a gig at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen this March. With prior releases which include tracks Dreamers and I Fall Asleep, the band is developing a cult following, so this is a great chance to discover a new group before they hit the big time. The venue itself is one of the most popular in the local area, serving up great food, drinks and plenty of live music throughout the year – all within easy reach of hotels near Shoreditch.

Art In Mind

Brick Lane Gallery / 20th – 31st March 2019 

The Brick Lane Gallery has long been one of the most popular artistic venues in London, and this year is proving to be one of its best yet. The upcoming Art In Mind exhibit focuses on the work of several up-and-coming international artists: Sean Tinashe, Baydon Merry, Mariaya Askerty and Jens Schmidt. This is a great excuse to go and see new work in a top art venue right on your doorstep in Shoreditch.

Abstract Exhibition

Brick Lane Gallery / 4th – 14th April 2019 

As another top reason to visit the Brick Lane Gallery this Spring, the upcoming abstract exhibition showcases work by artists such as Khadiha Khan, Vahe Copalian, Jamie Maltus and Bodil Knutsen, focusing on their contribution to the abstract art style in the 21st century. The gallery is close to plenty of great clubs in Shoreditch, perfect for a great night out after you’ve indulged your love of the arts.

Among Angels

The Courtyard Theatre / 3rd April – 27th April 2019 

This indie play is a dark tale about a school teacher’s descent into the darkness of drug abuse and his journey towards facing his own personal demons and rebuilding his life. The venue is the perfect space for a show which is sometimes difficult viewing, but nonetheless an important piece of theatre.