An American millennial in London


When we think of American millennials, it’s probably fair to say that we picture somebody from California, who lives in San Jose and works in Silicon Valley.

And honestly, why wouldn’t they? After all, this is where the headquarters now sit for Google, Facebook, Twitter and so many other businesses that are powerhouses in the digital world.

Don’t forget that there are also a lot of cool start-up companies in Silicon Valley and pharmaceutical businesses that hire creative minds like graphic designers to showcase their results in the most creative way possible.

With so much digital technology and creativity right at their fingertips, you have to wonder what would interest a millennial from this area most about London?

As the capital also has offices for Facebook, Google, Spotify and its own Tech City area in Shoreditch, we think that this would be high on their list of places to visit, particularly if they’re travelling for business.

Where better for an American millennial to stay than at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel? It’s right in the middle of all of the action and, even better, it’s a modern and quirky place to stay, with an inventive British menu and a spa that’s perfect for relaxing.

Tech City east London

Not only is Tech City – otherwise known as Silicon Roundabout – the largest cluster of technology companies in the UK, it also happens to be located in one of the trendiest parts of the city.

In fact, the main part of it is focused in Shoreditch, which as well as being full of technology companies is also a great place for an American millennial to get food and drinks, particularly if they haven’t been to the city before.

An American who works in the Silicon Valley area may actually appreciate the businesses and startups in this area, because Tech City is actually the third-largest technology cluster of its kind after San Francisco and New York City.

A little history

Originally, businesses like startups had been enticed into the region because of the low rents that were famous in this area.

These were symptomatic of the recession in Britain in 2008-2009 and this was an area that provided a good alternative to office space as compared to the much higher rents in the centre of London.

As a visitor, it would be interesting to look around at all the places that have been in this area of Shoreditch from 2008 and to compare them to the new businesses that continue to open up in this purpose-built region of thriving technology.

Things to see in Shoreditch

Although the whole area is known as Tech City, the main area of interest for visitors and locals alike is Shoreditch.

There is a lot to entertain in this part of London and it starts with the art that you’ll find right in front of you.

Unlike most other areas of the city, Shoreditch’s art isn’t reserved for galleries and museums, as you’ll see visual inspiration right on the street. Walking up to Shoreditch from Brick Lane provides the best view of some of the most impressive graffiti art in the world.

You might even spy a Banksy if you have a good look around Redchurch Street, which is known for having the best street art in the whole area.

If you prefer having something guided, you can use the Shoreditch Street Art Tour that is offered on Yplan. A knowledgeable voice will take you on your journey of the pictures that help to make this region of London unique.


Just about everything is quirky in Shoreditch, and none more so than the boutique shops that decorate its streets.

This is shopping that is unlike any other area of London, as there are a lot of new faces in this region, meaning that you’re going to come away with a very unique souvenir.

One of the best places to go for this sort of thing or to get a present for someone is Le Labo, which is a perfume lab that allows you to create your own scent on the spot.


If there’s one thing that Londoners love then it’s pop-ups, from restaurants to the entire Boxpark Mall in Shoreditch.

This is one place that you should absolutely put on your to-do list, particularly as an American visitor to the region, because the mall isn’t going to be there forever, so shopping, eating or drinking there is like taking part in a little bit of history.

It’s hard to pinpoint specific things for you to look at when you’re in this area of town, but these are a good place to start you on your exploration of London’s version of Silicon Valley.