Being an independent millennial in London


It’s argued that two main personality traits of British people are that they are individualistic and private. In fact, it’s said that children are taught from an early age to think for themselves and to find out what their purpose in life is, and this is essentially what independent millennials are doing in London.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of this journey of personal discovery manifests itself in going out and having lots of fun, which is perfect if you’re a millennial living in London. Although Brits are often made fun of for being refined or restrained, there’s no doubt that they also enjoy their leisure time and a hearty laugh.


Things that really affect the lifestyle of a millennial in the Big Smoke are changes to politics and government. For example, a majority Conservative government may see a rise in job security for some but instability for others, such as those working in the arts. Other political and economical factors can heavily affect cities like London and the millennial generation living in London and could have an effect on how much longer they will live in the city.

Time is always a scarce luxury in the Big Smoke, which is why Londoners are always in a rush to get where they’re going. This is due to a number of things, the main one being that the city is huge, so an hour-long journey can really cut into your leisure time. This is why you’ll always find millennials are hot on the heels of new places or things to see in the city. As a group, they hate wasting their time on bad experiences and instead aim to have unique and personal experiences that they can both share with other people and boost their city living status.

Millennials living in London also have strong opinions about everything, which is why you’ll see them determined to make their job into a career. For the same reason, you might also be surprised to find out that they’re keen on making a difference in the world, whether it’s for the environment or any other social cause.

Above all, an independent millennial in London will be open and accepting, all at once giving their opinion but showing they are as diverse as the fabric that runs through the city itself.

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