Best Cinema Spots for Alternative and Indie Films near M By Montcalm


Cinema-lovers have plenty to enjoy during their visit to London, and if its independent cinema you’re seeking, then you are certainly in luck. There are lots of great venues in East London ideal for seeing the latest and greatest indie and alternative filmmaking on the big screen.

Electric Cinema

The Shoreditch branch of Electric Cinema is one of two London venues under the ‘Electric Cinema’ banner, with an additional space in Portobello. This is a great place to visit if you want to see films which take a look outside of the standard summer blockbuster roster, though it does also cater to more mainstream fare. The cinema itself is impressive, and cosy enough to make it a welcoming spot, with comfy seats and a real vintage feel throughout. There’s also a well-stocked drinks and snacks bar for grabbing a bite to eat before your film starts! You’ll be very close while staying at M Montcalm Shoreditch, so head here to see a mixture of eclectic screenings which span genres, decades and a world of film-making talent.

Genesis Cinema 

This newly renovated cinema is one of the most beautiful in London, and a great place for seeing a wide cross section of East London locals coming together to indulge their love of film. There’s a bar in the upstairs section, as well as a cafe with WiFi for checking your e-mails before switching off to watch your movie. The screening rooms are intimate and were crafted by a team which designs film sets professionally, so look forward to a true cinephile paradise with a boutique-style feel and a mixture of blockbusters and independent films on offer.

Rich Mix 

This unique venue was saved from foreclosure a few years ago, and has since transformed itself into a hub for all things creative in East London, ranging from music to art and of course, film. The screening side of Rich Mix allows you to discover plenty of new and independent films which aren’t showing anywhere else, so if you’re feeling creative during one of your London weekend breaks, then this is a fantastic place to go. There’s plenty of film festivals throughout the year, so you might even be able to check out several exciting new projects at once.


First opened in 1933, the Troxy was once one of London’s most impressive – and largest – cinemas. Today it has been reinvigorated as a space for major cultural events as well as immersive cinema nights which range from the alternative to the iconic. If you’re staying at rooms in Shoreditch and want to see a movie you might not otherwise have considered, then this is a great place for finding your next favourite film.

Stratford Picturehouse

Whilst ostensibly part of one of the larger cinema chains, the Stratford branch of Picturehouse is nonetheless a place to see plenty of vintage films and unusual finds from the world of cinema.