The Best Offbeat, Retro and High Fashion Stores in Shoreditch

Fashion Stores in Shoreditch

There’s no shortage of things to do in Shoreditch. As one of the hippest areas in all of London, there’s open-air cinema to enjoy, amazing galleries, music venues and more bars and restaurants than you can shake a stick at. But it’s also a great place to find fashion.

If you’ve got an eye for the retro, the different and for high fashion, Shoreditch has what you want. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.


Right in the centre of Shoreditch and offering awesome contemporary fashion, AIDA is a beloved fashion outlet that just feels cool, and it’s close to the many luxury hotels in Hyde Park.

The store offers a very broad range of fashion for men and women, stocking small-scale independent designers that could very well become your new go-tos for the foreseeable future. Brands like Minimum and Wondaland are in attendance for women and ultra-cool labels like Knowledge Cotton are on-hand for men. Many of the clothes for sale really are very small runs, and it’s a good place to get hold of something unique.

There’s also a vintage beauty salon on-site if you fancy getting your hair done, so that’s even more reason to check it out.

Beyond Retro

One of the oldest and best-established retro stores in London, never mind just Shoreditch, Beyond Retro is the place to go if you want any kind of clothing or apparel with a classic flair. They regularly take part in fashion fair London events, but the Brick Lane location is where you want to go.

Since its inception back in the early 2000’s, Beyond Retro’s Brick Lane store has grown into a sprawling outlet where you can easily pass a few hours sifting through everything on offer. Now sporting a very respectable online presence, Beyond Retro often has stock that other vintage stores could only dream of.

Whether you want an authentic vintage dress from the fifties, or perhaps a pair of classic Levis, Beyond Retro will have it. There are more than 20,000 – yes, you read that correctly – pieces of stock on-site, and that’s more than enough for even the most hardcore shopper and it’s only a short hop from luxury hotels in Hyde Park, so even if you really go for it you won’t have far to travel.  


The approach of Present is to provide a sort of one-stop-shop for modern men to get everything they need, from clothes to cycling manuals. And you won’t have to go far to get there from the many luxury hotels in Hyde Park.

Just on the clothes side, Present is a great location to visit. It stocks a wide range of contemporary fashion with enough scope to cater for most men’s fashion needs. It’s not just about super-cool, impractical wear, but more about fashionable, cool and functional clothing. Aside from this, Present also sells stationary, comic books, grooming accessories and pretty much everything the man about town needs. It’s a very chic shop, but not somewhere that makes you rue your own fashion sense, with staff more than happy to help you out.