Best Places near Shoreditch to Host a Meeting

Shoreditch to Host a Meeting

When it’s time to get to work, sometimes it really is location that makes all the difference. Depending on the tone of your meeting you might opt for something a little offbeat or stick to a formal meeting room – here’s our pick of the best places near Shoreditch to host your next meeting.

M by Montcalm

If you really want to impress with your business meeting, then you should be heading to the M by Montcalm, where the dedicated meeting rooms provide the ideal venue for meetings of all kinds. The stylish surroundings will help you to make the perfect first impression, and are ideally situated within the booming Tech City scene for plenty of inspiration. Everything in our meeting rooms is there to serve your needs.


Whether your meeting is more informal or a traditional corporate gathering, we can accommodate, leaving you free to focus on the business at hand. Shoreditch is right on your doorstep to ensure you are right in the centre of London’s action once the meeting ends. Our superior accommodation even ensures you can stay on-site to ensure punctuality and peace of mind.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

This quirkily named café serves up some delicious fare as well as being suitably cosy and quiet for a relaxed meeting in boho surroundings. Ideal for keeping it a little casual as well as demonstrating your ability to find one of London’s best, but most obscure, coffee shops, the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is also a coffee-lover’s paradise, with their blends handpicked for their rich flavours. You can even tell fellow meeting attendees that the company won Best Coffee House in 2016, giving it the mark of quality for those staying at the Montcalm hotel Shoreditch.

Jackson & Rye

This relaxed, bar-style venue has atmospheric lighting and saloon-style seating, providing great alcoves for discussing business deals without feeling too forced. There’s a brasserie, bar and grill, so you can ensure you’ll be well-fed no matter how long the meeting goes on – and the table service helps to simplify your visit.


This is one of the finest restaurants in Shoreditch, serving up a hearty menu with a trendy Peruvian twist. The bright décor means there’s plenty of lighting for ensuring you can see any presentations or documents brought to the meeting, and the book-only policy ensures it’s never a hectic affair. All dishes must be ordered five days in advance, so this is one for those planning ahead during their stay at the Montcalm hotel Shoreditch.


Another great coffee venue, Grounded is perfect for a New York-style brunch or for a quick meeting on the go. If you’re planning a late-morning/early-afternoon meeting, this could become your go-to, with a selection of simple yet appealing dishes sure to tantalise the taste buds and result in more imaginative business solutions. The pancakes are particularly well-regarded and the venue is also surprisingly roomy.