Recently, an activity craze has swept the UK – rolling in on the back of tremendous popularity in the United States. This craze is of course, escape rooms. An escape room is a physical adventure game full of tasks and puzzles. A real life game of strategy, escape rooms call on groups of people to work together to solve hints and clues in order to escape from the space.

Players are given set time limits to make the challenge that little bit more nail-biting and teamwork is tested throughout. For those who love computer games, escape rooms bring the same strategy to life. London was quick to jump on the escape room craze and there are a number of these puzzle rooms dotted around the city, here are some of the best:


Clue Adventures

Clue Adventures gives players a lot of different tasks and team members must work separately to solve them; this quickly leads to frantic running around looking for clues in the hope they all make sense when put together. Players are given one hour to solve logic challenges, crack codes and get hands-on. Clue Adventures has a background story and this adds a level of purpose. It’s one of the most popular puzzle rooms in London and a great starting point if you’re new to the escape room craze.

Enigma Quests

If you are heading to London to enjoy one of our M By Montcalm Shoreditch Packages, Enigma Quest is a great escape room to visit. Located in Moorgate, it’s easy to get to from your hotel room and conveniently located close to a great deal of restaurants and bars. This escape room calls on teams to graduate a school of witchcraft and wizardry by solving clues and make spells.

Time Run

Time Run is one of the best puzzle rooms in London and it has quickly become a firm favourite with locals. It has impressive sets and really takes players away from reality, helping them to immerse themselves in this puzzle-solving game. Actors greet and guide players throughout the game and there are messages from a whole host of characters along the way. There are two different games in Time Run and though players are not locked in a single room as such, there is still emphasis on completing the game, moving from place to place and escaping the challenge.

Mission Breakout

Mission Breakout is a little different to the standard escape room in London, and it’s designed to be more realistic than others. The game is located inside South Kentish Town tube station and the theme is World War 2; a great deal of effort has gone into the 1940s army uniforms that staff wear. The aim is escape a room by decoding encrypted messages. Mission Breakout’s set and props are just as impressive as the game itself.

You’ll never struggle to find an escape room in London and with so many different options, there’s lots to choose from.