The best Snapchat spots to update your story in London


London is a great place to document your travels via social media and this guide to the very best spots to update your Snapchat story should help you plan your social-media friendly travel itinerary in no time at all…

Piccadilly Circus

This is one of London’s most famous spaces and makes an ideal location for updating your Snapchat story amid the hustle and bustle of the city. As one of the most famous intersections in the world, this is the perfect place to share your travels – and it’s indisputably and unmistakably British, with the infamous Piccadilly Lights shining 24/7 since they were first turned on in 1908. Many different companies have used this space for advertising in the intervening years, most recently in the form of electronic billboards – which will look particularly good in your story. Be sure to visit during both the day and night to get the full picture of this fantastic location while you stay at our hotels near Shoreditch.


Houses of Parliament

What trip to London is complete without a visit to this iconic structure? Once a palace, but now the seat of the UK’s government, the Houses of Parliament are an impressive sight to add to your stories and provides a wonderful view of one of the most infamous spaces in the entire city. From here you can see Big Ben and you’re within easy reach of another great London Snapchat spot – the London Eye…


London Eye

The city might be well-known for its fantastic architecture, but the London Eye offers an entirely different view of London, with remarkable vistas sure to impress any social media following! Taking a spin on this famed Ferris wheel high above the capital is perfect for updating your story – and if you’re staying at our hotels near Shoreditch you’ll only be a few Tube stops from this fantastic attraction.

London Eye

Your Hotel Room

When you’ve checked in at your hotel, why not update your story to let people know? The M by Montcalm Shoreditch Rooms are spacious and stylish, giving you a Snapchat-worthy excuse to keep your following updated.

Madame Tussauds

This world-famous wax museum is home to some of the most famous artists, musicians, political figures and royalty, all ideal for ‘meeting’ in your next Snapchat story. This is one way to mingle with the rich and famous; and a great way to keep your followers entertained! Whether you want to snap yourself next to the Queen, David Beckham or Usain Bolt – they’re all here waiting.

Abbey Road

If you feel like recreating the notorious Beatles album, you could always gather together a few friends and imitate the Fab Four for your next Snapchat story at this zebra crossing in the city. You can also take a tour of the studio itself, where some of the biggest names in music have recorded over the years – providing a great insight into the musical scene of London.

Abbey Road