Best Sushi Spots Near Shoreditch

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London loves sushi and it’s hard to walk down the street in the city without bumping into some Japanese-inspired cuisine. With fresh, delicious flavours, healthy ingredients and a colourful touch, sushi is a perfect culinary alternative for everything from your lunchtime fix, to an evening out at dinner.

If you’re staying in East London and looking for sushi restaurants Near Shoreditch, there are plenty to take your pick from. Read on to find out about some of the tastiest options out there and get planning.


Sushisamba has to be one of East London’s most widely renowned and coveted spots to enjoy a plate of sushi, for more than one reason. Located on the 38th and 39h floors of the Heron Tower, this illustrious restaurant serves up a magnificent view, along with some exquisite food. With panoramic scenes of the city below you, running all the way around with 360 degree windows, it’s one of the most special rooftop restaurants in the capital.

As well as the beautiful scenery outside, it’s just as spectacular within, with a stylish contemporary look. That’s if you can tear your eyes away from your plate, that is, as the delightful blend of Japanese and Brazilian flavours combine to create an exciting and mouth-watering combination. Load up on plenty of small plates and get sharing, for a fun and collaborative dining experience. Sushisamba is a must-visit destination if you’re staying at an Old Street hotel, whether it’s for a special occasion, or simply to indulge in a memorable treat.


Perhaps best known as a popular celebrity haunt at its various outlets the world over, Nobu has three locations in London, and its Shoreditch space is the luxury sushi restaurant’s third outpost. As you’d expect from the brand, you can expect a fantastically decadent experience, with unbelievable food as well as breath-taking surroundings.

As one of the most upmarket restaurants Near Shoreditch, expect unforgettable dishes such as grass fed beef tenderloin yuzu truffles, black cod miso, and sushi that looks too good to eat. They also have plenty of delicious cocktails on their menu, with a wonderful Japanese twist of flavour. With a serious price tag, this might be better suited for those occasions when you really want to make an impact on someone.


For a stylish and great value sushi restaurant in easy distance of the M Montcalm Shoreditch, Nanashi fits the bill perfectly. The small independent restaurant has a cosy and calm atmosphere, with a sophisticated contemporary Japanese aesthetic, serving up both traditional classics as well as more inventive new dishes.

The restaurant places an emphasis on using fresh, delicious ingredients for the best flavour, and their dishes are beautifully presented. You’ll also find a great selection of wines and Japanese sake varieties for the perfect accompaniment to your meal.


Located on Scrutton Street in Shoreditch, Sanjugo has been around for a couple of years and grown to become a popular local destination for delicious and fresh sushi. The restaurant has a decidedly traditional Japanese take on food, serving up plenty of classics and great value prices, and a good selection of Japanese beers to accompany your food.

As a small and intimate restaurant, it can get busy, despite its simple surroundings, so it’s worth getting a reservation ahead of time if you fancy some truly surprising Japanese food.


Suito is a stylish and surprising spot, located on the bustling streets of Brick Lane. Part sushi restaurant and part cocktail club, it’s a great place for a fun night out in Shoreditch. The set menu features a great variety of delicious food, and with a fabulous selection of drinks to enjoy, it’s an ideal destination to head to with friends or colleagues for an after-work night out.


If you’re on the hunt for a quick lunchtime meal that won’t derail your diet, then a delicious and filling choice of dishes at Itsu is sure to satisfy. The chain restaurant serves up an excellent variety of food and provides fresh and healthy alternatives to other fast food outlets. You’ll also find a great selection of hot dishes, that are changed seasonally, so look out for your next new favourite item on the menu.

Sakana Sushi

This busy little restaurant in Spitalfields is a fantastic pick for sushi for both locals and visitors to the city alike, with great value food and a fantastic selection of sushi and sashimi, as well as other classic Japanese dishes. It’s especially popular for the after-work crowd when it gets packed in the evenings, and a glance at the menu will quickly reveal why. Fresh ingredients and excellent preparation makes their sushi tantalising and moreish, while the selection of hot food provides a good range of flavour too.

Don’t underestimate the restaurant because of its slightly plainer appearance. The polite service and a minimal but stylish layout makes it a warm and inviting place to enjoy a relaxed and casual night out, or an enjoyable dinner with friends, and with an easy and accessible location, it’s sure to become a favourite haunt during your visit to the city.


With dozens of stores all over the capital, Wasabi is a familiar face on the high street and a delicious alternative to stodgy sandwiches or fried food when you need something fast and tasty. When you’re staying at an Old Street hotel and need a quick and reliably good bite to eat, it’s hard to go wrong with Wasabi.

You’ll find an excellent range of sushi on offer at most branches, including fish and meat options, as well as plenty to accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets. They also do a great selection of soft drinks and some outstanding hot food, including Japanese soups and curries, and you’ll always get to enjoy a great value meal here. Make sure you try out some of their Japanese sweet treats for little dessert, including their light, filled doroyaki pancakes, or soft, filled mochi balls.