The best unknown spots around Shoreditch


Whether you’ve been to London more times than you can remember or you’ve never visited at all, there’s always something new to discover. The streets and squares of the capital are packed with hidden treasures.

Book your stay at our M by Montcalm Shoreditch rooms to uncover the incredible list of hidden attractions near Shoreditch. When you stay at our hotels near Shoreditch, you’ll be right around the corner from some of these underrated hotspots.


Westgate Street, London

This hidden rooftop bar has become a popular hangout for hipsters in London and offers a fun and unique venue for an afternoon or evening of drinking and having fun with friends. If you’re travelling in a group and you’re looking for places with a good atmosphere and not crammed full of people, Netil360 is the place to be. The rustic wooden décor provides a refreshingly unique alternative to the high-class bars found in Central London and the ideal location right around the corner from our hotels near Shoreditch means you’ll never have far to go at the end of the night.

Electric Cinema

Redchurch Street, London

Nothing beats a night at the cinema but if you’re sick of the same cramped seats, sticky floors and loud crowds you find at the large multiplexes in London, head over to Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. The Electric Cinema is a single-screen picture house that boasts luxurious seating and a warm atmosphere. The cinema regularly shows current releases in addition to indie films.


Old Spitalfields Market

Horner Square, London

If you’re a regular in London, odds are that you will have heard of this particular market but it’s still worth a look to see what new treasures you can find. In a rush to visit famous retail hotspots like Harrods and Oxford Street, tourists in London often overlook great places like Old Spitalfields. If you’re looking to escape from the huge crowds and find alternative fashion, authentic food and quirky gifts, be sure to take a stroll down to Horner Square on your next trip to London.


Old Street, London

Have you ever thought that a night spent playing table tennis could be one of the best you’ve ever had? Before you doubt the idea, take a trip to Bounce on Old Street and book a table for you and your friends. The hip bar has one of the best atmospheres in London and has been a popular hangout for hipsters and alternative travellers for years. When the sun goes down, the neon lights come out at Bounce and so do the cocktails. This is a must-see if you’re looking for a more unusual night of fun.

Village Underground

Holywell Lane, London

It doesn’t get much more alternative than Village Underground. The East London space is made up of a refurbished warehouse, multiple shipping containers and Tube carriages. It was established as a place for creative expression and has been an important part of art and culture in Shoreditch for years. Be sure to check out the listings so you don’t miss out on the incredible artists, musicians and performers that regularly appear at Village Underground.