A Booklover’s Guide to Shoreditch


Some people love nothing more than getting out, finding a new book and Some people love nothing more than getting out, finding a new book and hunkering down for a cosy read. And, with winter approaching, there’s no better time to do just that.

And, happily, Shoreditch is full of wonderful, quirky bookstores that do things a little differently than most places – as you might expect from such a vibrant, creative area. We’ve made sure all of our selections are easy to reach from London Tech City, so you don’t have far to go to find some of the best bookshops on offer in all of London.

Brick Lane Bookshop

We may as well start with one of the most well-regarded and respected bookshops in all of Shoreditch. Brick Lane Bookshop has been trading since the early 1970’s, with a focus beyond just selling books and a keen presence in social justice causes and more. Moreover, Brick Lane Bookshop is all about encouraging and fostering local talent in writing, the visual arts, theatre and more. Essentially, it’s a local cultural hub that’s been enriching the area for going on half a century.  

It’s the type of place where you can find books about socialist philosophy right alongside deconstructions of post-modernist art, and it’s the type of bookshop that rewards you for taking the time to dig around and see what’s on offer.

Brick Lane Bookshop is only a short journey from London Tech City, and if you’re a book lover, it’s one place you won’t want to miss.


Few bookshops in London carry the same mixture of stunning looks and massive selection that Libreria has to offer. Designed by Spanish architectural firm SelgasCano, the store is a riot of bold colours and shelves upon shelves of books.

The thrust behind the founding of Libreria was to offer an alternative to the approach of modern mega-firms like Amazon, with a big focus on encouraging visitors to discover books they may never have found otherwise. As such, books are categorised under headings like ‘Enchantment for the Disenchanted’, offering some insight into the subject matter but relying on the visitor to explore further. You may end up with more books than you bargained for, so it’s a bonus that you’re only a short journey from your hotel and the delights of the M by Montcalm Restaurant menu.

It’s a beautiful bookshop and one with a unique approach, and there are lots of comfy seats hidden about the place if you want to hunker down for the afternoon.

Brick Lane Market

If you like to get out and find some second-hand gems for your reading list, Brick Lane Market is the ideal place to do just that.

Offering a vast array of stalls, you can always find booksellers on-site with a huge range of offerings whether you like classics, political works, offbeat literature or whatever else appeals. Brick Lane Market is one of the best markets in all of London and the perfect place to bag yourself some bargain books.

Come for the book shopping and stay for the massive selection of other stalls that make the market one of the most beloved in the capital.