To carry a laptop or not on a holiday?


Taking a break from our daily routines becomes a necessity, and there is no better way to reenergise ourselves than a well deserved holiday. Going on a well deserved break needs a fair bit of planning and research. If you are planning a holiday in a city like London, booking accommodation in advance is an absolute must, especially if you are visiting in the holiday season.

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A question frequently asked by travellers when on holiday is whether they should carry their laptops or not? This is a highly subjective issue depending on a variety of factors and garners numerous responses with some in favour of and others against. Let us look at the pros and cons of both:-


Blogs: If you are into blogging or maintain an online blog with daily updates, you could create new posts for your blog. Depending upon Internet access (most if not all London hotels offer access) you could keep busy or head out to a nearby cafe.

Utility:One of the biggest benefits is its utility. We cannot plan everything in advance especially if we decided on the spur of the moment to take a holiday. A fair bit of planning is done on the go. In that aspect having a laptop is of immense use whether it is booking tickets for a theatre venue or restaurant or booking bus and train tickets during our trip. All of this is made possible without having to overspend and also finding the best discounts available. The Internet is an indispensable travel tool these days.

Stay in touch: Whether friends or family,you can remain constantly in touch with them. You could lengthy emails back home and keep up to date as to the latest happening s back home while also informing them of details on your trip. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own hotel room. Using tools like Skype makes calling back home very cheap and convenient. There are of course those who feel that smart-phones and tablets offer the same facility but the fact is they are alright for brief chats or communication. The best way is using the laptop and its various social apps to speak to family or friends.

Store trip photos: All the digital photographs you take can be downloaded on to your laptop. These can later be uploaded at your convenience to various photo sharing sites and with family and friends. Using a laptop gives you extra storage space.

Maintain a daily journal: For those who like to maintain a daily journal like a personal diary, using a laptop is far more convenient. It is far more convenient to type instead of writing besides editing and this saves the unnecessary need to have to type in all the information later.

Great for entertainment: If you are on holiday obviously you will spend most of your time travelling and interacting with the locals and exploring the place. However, there are certain times when we do not feel the urge to step out and this is where a laptop comes in handy. You could go ahead and watch a few movies or even play games.

Stay connected to your work: Yes, going on holiday means not working at all but then there are certain professions that need for you to check your mail and communicate with your workplace at least once a day. In this case keeping a laptop with you on holiday becomes a necessity.


It takes up too much time: Using the Internet takes up too much time, especially for those who are hooked on to social media websites like Facebook and its likes. Surfing the Internet can become very time consuming and prevent you from having a good holiday despite all the money you have spent.

Added weight: The laptop with all its accessories and plug-ins will add a few pounds to our hand held baggage. Plus you have to take extra care when carrying it with you. For a short holiday it is better to leave it at home.

Risk factors: Travelling with it would pose the additional risks of having it stolen, damaged, lost etc. In certain parts of the world travelling with it constitutes a higher risk so it is wiser to leave it back at home.

At the end of the day carrying it on a holiday or not is a decision you have to make. Depending on what your needs and usage would be you could make your decision.