Cheap Hotels rooms in Shoreditch are right by many Art exhibitions


Cheap hotel rooms in Shoreditch are admittedly, not that common. Nonetheless, you can find a good balance between affordability and great service if you look hard enough. To make it easy for you, we recommend the M by Montcalm Shoreditch; it’s one of the few hotels that gives guests a premium stay in Tech-city for a fantastic rate. It’s understandable that finding a great hotel for a good price in Shoreditch might prove a little difficult. After all, this area in London is highly sought after, due to its vicinity to a number of businesses and attractive venues and so you’ll have to compromise a little when it comes to pricing.

By doing so, you’ll be able to explore the breadth of richness the city has to offer. Sure, you can settle for a cheaper accommodation on the outskirts from London – but that’ll take you away from all the action, making visiting venues cumbersome. One of the principle ways in which you can enjoy your stay in London, is by visiting the number of art exhibitions taking place throughout the year. Staying in the cheap hotel rooms in Shoreditch lets you do that with incomparable ease.One of the exhibitions is the Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as a collector in the Barbican Centre, not far from the cheap hotels rooms in Shoreditch. It’s open until the 25th May 2015 and showcases 14 artists’ personal collections. The Marlene Dumasexhibition can be found at the Tate Modern and provides a reflection on modern issues such as homophobia, terrorism, and racism through art. Art can often be a silent messenger in the way it puts light to current issues in such a novel way. In that aspect, it can be particularly reflective, and even insightful. The Marlene Dumas exhibition exemplifies that in a number of ways.
The Conflict, Time, Photography exhibition at the Tate modern is also similar in the manner in which puts light to issues. Conflict, through the ages, has had a clear, outstanding impact on the course of history and this photographic exhibition evokes the effect and trauma of war on the lives on thousands of people. The show challenges the ways in which war is commonly portrayed and lets us connect with the effect of the atrocities of war. Getting to the Tate Modern from the M by Montcalm Shoreditch to see the aforementioned exhibitions will take you just 25minutes on the Northern Line. In short, the cheap hotels rooms in Shoreditch pit you close to one of the most famous art galleries in London.
We wouldn’t want just to focus on the exhibitions just at the TATE modern now would we? The History is Nowexhibition at the Hayward Gallery in Southbank is inviting seven artists to curate artworks and archival material that defines different periods in history. You can there in less than half an hour by taking the tube from Old Street, right from the cheap hotel rooms in Shoreditch. In essence, it’s clear that the city has a host of offerings in art shows and we whole heartedly recommend visiting London for that reason alone.