Coolest art exhibitions for culture vultures

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London is a fantastic city for culture vultures, renowned as one of the world’s finest venues for lovers of music, film and art. The city’s art scene is buzzing – and these trendy art galleries are sure to offer a fantastic experience whilst visiting the capital this summer…

Graffik Gallery

The street art scene is one of London’s most significant artistic outlets in recent years, and the success of anonymous artist Banksy around the world has helped draw in interested crowds eager to learn more about street art’s history and culture. This is what Graffik Gallery offers, singling it out as one of the most intriguing galleries in the city. Whether a street art aficionado or a complete novice simply keen to discover something new, this is certainly a space which is able to accommodate.


This Beak Street gallery takes inspiration from it’s location as a former gun workshop in name alone, and has now been transformed into a quirky, vibrant art gallery which supports new and emerging artists as they take their first fledgling steps into the UK art scene. With an eclectic roster of talent and a regular turnover of exciting exhibitions, Riflemaker is a fantastic starting point for those interested in innovative artworks whilst staying at the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch, offering everything from exhibits to art books and access to a wealth of knowledge on all things arty.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

There’s nothing contemporary about this art gallery, but this is a large part of its sweeping appeal. Undoubtedly one of London’s best art galleries, it’s one which tourists are unlikely to discover without a great deal of research, lending a secretive, exclusive air to any visit. As England’s oldest public art gallery, the Dulwich Picture Gallery dates back to 1811 and has all the atmosphere and aesthetics of a stately home, as well as being full of predominantly 17th and 18th century artworks. Ideal for anglophiles and art fans alike during a stay at the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch.

Tate Modern

An impressive structure right beside the Thames, the Tate Modern is dedicated to contemporary and modern artworks. The venue is unique, having operated as a power station in a previous life. This is the space at which some of the world’s most infamous modern artists regularly display their artworks and makes for a fantastic day out before heading for dinner at restaurants in Shoreditch. In addition to an array of eclectic artworks, the gallery offers some truly stunning views across the city of London.

Tate Modern london

Whitechapel Gallery

Self-described as an ‘artist’s gallery for everyone’, the Whitechapel Gallery is dedicated to bringing great contemporary art to the masses. Founded in 1901, this East London mainstay has a distinctly international focus, with a star-studded range of exhibitions and events which celebrate legends of the contemporary art scene such as Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock and many more who experienced the UK debut of their artwork at this very same venue.