Discover a piece of history at the Honourable Artillery Company


London is a built upon a proud history especially when it comes to the military.

Men and women have taken pride in fighting for Queen, or King, and country over many generations. Despite being a relatively small nation in the grand scheme of things, it has resisted invasions by major forces such as the Nazis and remains one of the key nations when it comes to the army, air force and navy.

The UK enjoys celebrating its military history and one place where anyone interested in indulging this hobby is the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC). This is the oldest regiment in the British Army is the second most senior unit of the Territorial Army and can trace its history back to 1537 during the reign of Henry VII.

If military history is a passion of yours then a visit to the HAC is an absolute must when in London. Here is our mini guide to HAC and Armoury House.

History of the HAC

Armoury House was originally built in 1735 to become the new home of the HAC. Designed by Thomas Stibbs, it cost around £1,690 and was partly funded by King George I. It orginally featured a Great Room which was used for drills but has since been divided into three sections- the entrance hall, The Queen’s Room and the Ante Room and is filled a host of artefacts depicting the UK’s history in battle.

In 1828, the house was expanded with the addition of the east and west wings and a cottage which is home to the Library and Board Room. Over the years, it has undergone substantial remodelling which culminated in the hall being rebuilt and renamed the Prince Consort Rooms and opened by the Captain-General to welcome The Queen in 2007.

Armoury House by Tube

Liverpool Street (Central, Circle, Hammersmith and Metropolitan lines) – head on to Old Broad Street then turn left onto Liverpool Street. Follow this to Eldon Street and South Place before turning right onto Finsbury Pavement and the house is not far from here.

Parking near Armoury House

Parking at Armoury House is restricted to members only so either become a member or there is parking nearby. The closest car park is Finsbury Square NCP which is short walk from the HAC.

Open 24 hours, prices start from £14 for two hours and goes up to £45 for between six and 24 hours.