Where to eat the best Spanish food in London


The food scene in London is buzzing with a vibrant mix of different tastes and styles. Thanks to the diversity of cultures and nationalities, the city is full of amazing restaurants and diners serving up some of the world’s best dishes.

Spanish cuisine has become a big part of London’s food scene and foodies all over the city have been rushing to areas like Shoreditch to taste the bright flavours of the Mediterranean.

Some of the best restaurants in Shoreditch are places that specialise in Spanish cuisine. We’ve put together a list of the best places in London for you to get your fill of authentic tapas style treats.


Aqua Nueva

This is the perfect place to experience the refreshing tastes of Spain as we enter the summer months. This luxury tapas restaurant has a rooftop terrace, which is perfect for a light lunch or dinner date on a warm day. On the menu you’ll find a variety of traditional tapas dishes such as patatas bravas and pan con tomate, for an authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

More contemporary options such as Galician-style octopus and rib-eye steak served with pickles have been added to the menu for those seeking a taste of modern Spain. The chefs also offer an exclusive menu for customers celebrating a special occasion.


One thing that the Spanish are envied for is their laidback style and relaxed attitude. The idea of taking an afternoon siesta in the middle of a working day is something most Londoner’s can only dream of. But this quaint little eatery will transport you from a busy London street to the sunny Mediterranean coast. The warm, friendly décor of Barrica creates a real sense of Spanish culture, with its pastel yellow walls and rich wood fixtures. The menu offers a wide range of authentic tapas platters, perfect for sharing.

What sets Barrica apart from the competition is its huge selection of alcoholic drinks. The colourful drinks menu offers 16 different sherries and over 30 Spanish vinos, ranging from the super sweet to the very dry. You can find this hidden gem by taking a stroll through the Fitzrovia district in central London.

Donostia Social Club

The vibrancy of this bustling restaurant is what brings so many people in day after day. Spanish culture is all about community and sharing with friends and neighbours. The Donostia Social Club brings a slice of this Spanish attitude to the heart of London by creating a restaurant that does more than just serve food.

The Brixton-based establishment brings people of all cultures together to share anecdotes and laughs over refreshing drinks and delicious food. There are many high-end Spanish eateries that serve up quality food, but if you’re looking for a place that will give you more than just a delicious meal, then Donostia is the place for you.

The Spanish community have brought a lot of colour and vibrancy to London’s food scene. If you’re looking to get a real taste of the Mediterranean, then it’s worth visiting one of these authentic eateries.