Enjoy London like a Brazilian


London is home to almost every culture around the world and what’s even better is that you can see all of them by discovering every corner of this amazing city. Whether you’re delving into British history, eating Russian food in Kensington or enjoying French cabaret in Notting Hill, there’s something worldly for every person to experience.

However, it’s important to remember that London is also a city that loves parties and celebrating everything from holidays to Tuesdays with a bang. This is potentially why there is such a strong Brazilian movement in the city, which further expands its global credentials.

Spectactor.co.uk found that the number of Brazilians in Britain is upwards of 200,000 people and most of them are living in London. In fact, a large amount do as many other people do and come to the city as students who then blend into the very fabric of life here and add to the gaiety of the capital.

Areas that used to have the most Brazilian influence in the city are around Queensway and Bayswater, constituting a small neighbourhood that has a supermarket – known as Casa Brasil – and a couple of excellent restaurants.

Now though, this has expanded to other areas like Guanabara in Covent Garden or Galpao do Forro in Brick Lane. Both of these places are perfect if you are a fan of dancing and even better if you’re keen to learn North-Eastern Forro dance.


When it comes to food, Brazil has plenty to boast about and you can find some of the best in Camden Market, which is an excellent stop for anyone who’s doing a tour around London. Perhaps one of the best ways to sample any kind of cuisine is at a market, because you can enjoy it while immersing yourself in the day-to-day culture of the city.

One of the best restaurants for authentic Brazilian food is Galpao in Kensal Green, which offers tapas-sized dishes, this of course means that you can try as many things as possible off the menu! Try anything from meat-filled dumplings to salt-cod fishcakes or, if you want something bigger, enjoy bean stews, baked meats and steaks.

However, you don’t have to stray far at all to find Brazilian food, as most corner shops in the city stock up on their delicacies.

Of course, it isn’t just food and dancing that represents Brazil in London, as fashion designer Daniella Helayel moved from her homeland to London with her fashion range Issa, which is a favourite of Kate Middleton. These days, Helayel is a huge part of the west of the city’s fashionable scene and she herself lives in Chelsea.

It’s something of a home for people from Brazil who are highly involved in the fashion scene, including models and glamorous stylists. It’s a place where the most chic of people can create and meet before, during and after huge fashion shows.

Her parties are also particularly well known and give Rio something to shoot for, as they’re famous for lasting until the wee hours of the morning and buoyed on by excellent and lively music.

According to her and many others who have moved to the Big Smoke, Brazilians are drawn to London due to its culture and humour.

While you’re enjoying all the Brazilian delights that London has to offer, don’t forget that there are great clubs in Shoreditch to experience, and that M by Montcalm Shoreditch London is a great hotel for you to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing and exploring.