How to enjoy Shoreditch without spending any money

shoreditch london

A trip to London can make a lot of people worry about how their bank account will be affected but believe it or not, there are plenty of interesting things to see and memorable attractions to visit that won’t cost you a penny.

Amongst the must-see places in London, Shoreditch is at the top of the list for exciting cultural attractions that won’t break the bank. During your stay at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch, you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of fun things to do and see. Here are a few great examples to get you started on your London holiday.

Street art tour

While there are a number of companies that provided tours of Shoreditch, you don’t need a personal guide to appreciate the amazing street art found scattered around the walls and buildings of Shoreditch. As one of London’s most vibrant cultural hotspots, the area has become a canvas for underground artists which have added a splash of colour and a new image to the concrete jungle.

Set off from your suite at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch and make your way around the main streets and squares of Shoreditch where you’re sure to discover a few graffiti masterpieces. You may even be lucky enough to find work by Banksy.

Geffrye Museum

Take a trip back in time and explore the history of Britain like never before at the wonderful Geffrye Museum. Located right in the centre of Shoreditch, the museum is a treasure trove of culture and provides visitors with a unique look into the past. The exhibits consist of multiple rooms that have been designed to replicate homes of the past. Travel through every decade of the last 150 years as you step into the shoes of your grandparents and see what homes were like when they were younger.

V&A Museum of Childhood

Cambridge Heath Road, London

This branch of the iconic Victoria and Albert Museum has become a popular spot for culture seekers travelling to London thanks to its unique exhibits that celebrate the magic of childhood. From iconic storybook series’ to a collection of historic kid’s toys, the museum is a perfect place to take your little ones and enjoy an exciting afternoon of discovery that won’t cost you a penny.

St Leonard’s Church

Shoreditch High Street, London

Whether you’re religious or not, the beauty of St Leonard’s church on Shoreditch High Street is not worth missing out on. The iconic structure has sat in the heart of the area for centuries and continues to provide a place of worship for people all over London and visitors from many different countries around the world. Explore the grounds with your camera and snap some amazing photos of the intricate stonework and gorgeous stained glass windows. Step inside and admire the beautifully simplistic fixtures and breathtaking design. Be sure to stop by St Leonards Church on your cultural journey around Shoreditch.