What to Expect from a Silent Disco

silent disco london

Silent discos have been around for a couple of years now, but their popularity shows no sign of slowing down, with plenty of London clubs and venues hosting special silent disco events throughout the year.

If you’ve never experienced the magic of a silent disco for yourself and are wondering what all the fuss is about, then our guide to what to expect from a silent disco offers a great starting point for anyone staying at the M Montcalm Shoreditch, especially if you’re tempted to give this fun and quirky type of entertainment a try for yourself during your next trip to London.

What exactly is a silent disco?

Basically, a silent disco is an event held in a nightclub or large marquee at a festival where the music is transmitted to the crowd via wireless headphones instead of the traditional sound system that you would expect to find at a nightclub or live music venue.

Silent discos have become very popular in London over the past few years as they help to significantly reduce noise pollution and are enormous fun for those taking part too, although they do look rather strange for those who don’t have access to a set of wireless headphones!

where is the silent disco in london

What do you need to attend a silent disco?

With several silent disco venues located near our hotels near Moorgate Tube Station, you don’t have to worry about packing anything in particular to enjoy them as the wireless headphones you’ll need are typically provided by the venue.

A pair of shoes that you are comfortable dancing the night away in is a must, but other than that, anyone staying at the M Montcalm Shoreditch can easily head to one of these special events without having to buy or bring anything in particular.

Where are the best silent discos in London?

If you like the sound of a silent disco, then you’ll be pleased to hear that London has some of the best events of this kind across all of Europe. Following an early evening visit to one of our restaurants in Shoreditch, here are a few of our favourites that are easily accessible the guests staying at our hotels near Moorgate Tube Station, so you know exactly where to head to hit the dance floor:

Silent Sounds Boat Party

Running on various dates throughout winter this year, the Silent Sounds Boat Party takes the silent disco a stage further by combining a two-story boat party with the best beats that the city has to offer.

As well as getting down on the dance floor with other disco-goers, you’ll be able to take in some of London’s most iconic landmarks as you cruise the River Thames. There are also several music channels that you’ll be able to tune into on the wireless headphone sets, so regardless of whether you’re a pop diva or love your dance and RnB, you’ll find some tunes that are right up your street at this popular silent disco event.

The View from The Shard Silent Disco

Boasting one of the best views over the city of London, the Shard Silent Disco is a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion with something a little different. Opening at 10 pm each Saturday, three talented DJs will be spinning an array of dance floor fillers up until 2 am the next morning, so be sure to fill up at our restaurants in Shoreditch before you head off for the night.

To get to the View from The Shard Silent Disco from the M Montcalm Shoreditch, take the Northern Tube line, and you’ll be ready to bust out your best moves in just under 20 minutes.

Otra Vista Social Club

For a silent disco with a difference, the Otra Vista Social Club is organised by a team of deaf and hearing-impaired event specialists who encourage their guests to use body language and sign language skills to communicate with others. 

From ordering drinks to just saying hello, visitors to these amazing weekly events are also in for a treat as several up and coming DJ talents will be taking to the decks to provide music of all genres. You can look forward to a great party atmosphere once you’ve finished enjoying a meal at one of our restaurants in Shoreditch.

To reach the Otra Vista Social Club from our hotels near Moorgate Tube Station, take the Circle line from Liverpool Street Station, and you’ll reach the club in just over 20 minutes.

London Silent Disco Adventures

If you want to make the most of your time at the M Montcalm Shoreditch, then the London Silent Disco Adventures will help you move and groove your way around the city while taking in some of the most famous landmarks the capital has to offer.

The hi-tech wireless headphones used by the innovative company not only provide guests with a toe-tapping soundtrack for the city, but you’ll also be actively encouraged to sing your way around the capital and take part in flash mob style dances in iconic spaces such as Trafalgar Square and London  Bridge.

This silent disco and walking tour fusion is also suitable for young children, so it’s a great way of getting the little ones up and dancing in the capital amongst a team of friendly and knowledgeable organisers who will help you dance your way from landmark to landmark. As this is a walking tour, you’ll need to make your way to The Admiralty in Trafalgar Square to join the tour, so take the Tube from our hotels near Moorgate Tube Station, and you’ll be there in just over half an hour.

Remember; as this is a walking tour and silent disco combination activity, you’ll need comfortable shoes and clothing to really get involved in the fun. Pack your walking shoes and some casual clothing before heading off to meet the rest of your group for a grooving tour of the city as you’ve never experienced it before.