What to expect from a trip to the London Buddhist Centre

trip to the London Buddhist Centre

The practice of Buddhism stretches back thousands of years but recently it has become increasingly popular in the west. London has embraced the new spiritual trend with the opening of institutions like the London Buddhist Centre.

If you’re travelling on your gap year or you’re looking to relax on your business trip, a trip to the London Buddhist Centre is a great way to experience something new while staying at the Montcalm hotel Shoreditch. Here’s a look at some of the things you can do and see there.

Meditation classes

Meditation has been practised by people of all different beliefs and religions for centuries as a way to clear their mind and lead a more focused and happy life. The experienced Buddhists at the London Buddhist Centre offer regular classes to help visitors learn the techniques involved with meditation. Whether you have a lot of experience or you’ve never meditated before, you will be welcomed to join the class as you learn about the importance of breathing and mindfulness. The centre is within easy reach of our hotels near Shoreditch so the classes will be easy to get to.

Yoga sessions

More people than ever are now realising the physical and mental benefits of practising yoga. The ancient art of stretching can help to calm your mind while increasing your body’s strength and flexibility. If you live a busy lifestyle and you often feel stressed from work, a trip to the London Buddhist Centre for a yoga class can help you relax and appreciate your time at the Montcalm hotel Shoreditch. The sessions are open to people of all skill levels and operate on a drop-in basis which means you don’t need to worry about trying to fit it into your schedule and can stop by whenever pleases you.


If after your first visit to the London Buddhist Centre you find yourself feeling more relaxed and wanting to explore the wonderful world of Buddhism in more depth, the centre offers regular retreat experiences. Ranging from weekend introductions to week-long excursions, the retreats will take you away from the TV, work, news and the general stresses of life. Join other like-minded people and spend your days shedding stress and repairing your soul. These are great experiences for anyone looking to try something new or venture further into the world of Buddhism.

Buddhism courses

Learn from thousands of years of knowledge and take your first steps on the road to practising Buddhism by enrolling in one of the in-depth classes at the London Buddhist Centre. The teachers at the centre have decades of experience and will help you learn about the rich history of Buddhism and the ways in which it can help enrich your life and enlighten your mind. If you’ve always wondered about Buddhism but never been able to find the time, these courses are the perfect opportunity for you to begin your journey.