The Fashionista’s Shopping Guide to Spitalfields Market


A trip to Spitalfields Market is always a treat – there are so many stalls you could easily spend a couple of days exploring everything on offer and still not cover it all. Whatever you want, Spitalfields Market has got it.

But it’s the area of fashion that we’re going to focus on, and Spitalfields Market – close to your Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch – has some stunning clothing retailers. Whatever your tastes, there will something for you, and much of it is small-batch and unique.

Roberto Gorini

Practicing his sartorial trade in London since 2003, New York native Roberto Gorini designs and creates his own garments – and very fine they are, too.

Selling simple, elegant pieces, Roberto Gorini is the place to go if you want something cool, stylish and understated. Originally designing clothing for Ralph Lauren, Roberto Gorini clothes are made using all-natural fibres like wool, cashmere and silk – with everything made right in East London.

Alongside these offerings, you’ll also find a range of scarves and leather goods, which are made in Italy specially to order. If you want expertly made, beautiful clothes, you should take the time to visit Roberto Gorini. It really is some of the best fashion shopping near Excel London.


Leather bags – satchels especially- have been red-hot for a long time now, and Ismad is the ideal place to pick up some hand-made leather goods.

Not available anywhere on the high street, Ismad bags are absolutely beautiful and so well-made you won’t need to look at another one for years. In business since 2003, Ismad takes its inspiration from Moroccan hand-crafting methods, with each piece on show unique and the product of hours of tireless work. Even better, Spitalfields Market is only a short journey from luxury hotels in Hyde Park.

The idea is to combine vintage production techniques and styles with modern touches. This means the bags look and feel vintage but are big enough and robust enough to carry your laptop, iPad and anything else you want to throw in there.

Poli & Jo

A modern, forward-thinking store, Poli & Jo also takes inspiration from the past to create beautiful bags for women.

Using lightweight sheepskin and calf leather in their bags, Poli & Jo bags are known for their fashion-aware designs and practicality. The idea behind the brand is to create bags for women that cover multiple uses and put stylish design at the forefront. Many bags double up for different styles and uses, with the ‘Robyn’ for example, a tote and a backpack.

Poli & Jo also creates limited edition runs which are only available in-store, so you might be able to bag something really unique. If you do go a little nuts and end up with a couple more bags than you thought, you’re only a short hop from Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.


On-site in Spitalfields since way back in 2001, Klasik is the place to go for some retro eyewear.  

Stocking a huge range of pieces from the 1930’s to the 1980’s – and they are genuine pieces, not reproductions – Klasik offers stylish eyewear from around the world that they restore in their very own workshop. If you’ve got specific prescription needs for your lenses, they can cover that too!