London is a city hot spot for many types of food, whether a Michelin star restaurant or a street vendor in Brixton, the quality can be insurmountable. With such a diverse amount of nationalities in the city, all of which bring with them a sense of pride for their hoe, it’s no surprise that there’s such a large spanning range of places from where to dine out. Areas of London have their own speciality ad local communities, meaning that some cater to a different cuisine than others. Whilst the British rely non their national food stuffs of Fish and Chips and roast chicken to sate appetites, it is the international cooking community of London who are the real tastemakers.


Best Italian Food in London

To Discover Italian Food in London is easy. Simply leave your accommodation and go to your nearest high street pizza chain. Of course, if you want something slightly more special than your factory line pizza then you may have to look further afield. For Michelin Star Italian food try the highly acclaimed Zucca on Bermondsey Street which takes inspiration from all parts of Italy and the cooking it comes out with. Other great Italian restaurants to try include the River Café, famous for serving A-List celebrities as well as Saratoria, the only restaurant on Savile Row.

Best Indian Food in London

If you’re staying at one of the Montcalm accommodations in London, you may have come across many Indian Restaurants in Shoreditch. This is due to the expansive Bangladeshi community in the area which has led to many Indian restaurants and takeaways popping all over East London. Another area where you can find stellar Indian food is in the nearby Whitechapel, where you can find the legendary Tayyabs Curry House. This restaurant is BYOB, is cheap, busy and a lot of fun. Expect a vibrant community of people and amazing food inspired by Punjabi and North Indian dishes.


Best Chinese Food

London is home to its very own China Town in the West End, meaning that you’re going to find many stellar Chinese restaurants cropping up around the city. Although China Town has its own cheap and cheerful establishments, if you really want to live the literal high life then check out Hutong on the 33rd floor of the Shard. Inspired by the restaurant of the same name in Hong Kong, Hutong serves a punchy blend of Northern Chinese cuisine including dishes that would have been served in the Imperial Palaces f what was then Peking.


Best Turkish Food

For some of the best Kebabs, meat skewers and falafels in the city, North East London has accumulated a number of great Turkish restaurants. One of the best things about Turkish Cuisine is its flexibility, whether you’re looking for a light snack or a wholesome meal, there’ll be something for you. One of the best places to look for Turkish food is Gokyuzu, which serves some amazing classic dishes to eat in and to takeaway.