Five of the Best Off-the-Grid Stores in Shoreditch


While Shoreditch might – rightfully so – have a reputation as a hub for creatives and the off-beat, this outlook also applies to the many boutique, independent stores that cover the area.

Just as Shoreditch offers impressive street art hidden around every corner and in the most unexpected places, you can also find a variety of small stores selling amazing clothes and jewellery cloistered away in the area. And, if you’re shopped out, you’re only a short hop from the best M by Montcalm spa deals

So, if you’re in the mood for a little shopping expedition but want to sample the real shopping delights of Shoreditch, we’ve got you covered.

Modern Society

Founded back in 2013 as a pop-up store, Modern Society has undergone rapid expansion and now, in addition to their Shoreditch store, they’ve also expanded into the US. The store is only a quick journey from The M by Montcalm, so you’re in prime position to check it out.

The Shoreditch store offers fantastic women’s clothing from both established designers and talented newcomers, as well as the store’s in-house line of clothing. Modern Society is a chic space full of fabulous clothes and homewares, and it’s, without a doubt, one of the coolest shopping destinations in Shoreditch. 


If you’re looking for unique, hand-crafted jewellery that makes a statement, then Mawi is the place for you. And, if you want to retreat and marvel at your purchases, you’re only a stone’s throw from M by Montcalm Bar & Restaurant.

The design focus of Mawi is on pieces that make people stop and take notice. This isn’t a place to find understated jewellery; it’s somewhere you go if you want an oversized, rough-cut gemstone ring that’s totally unique. The jewellery on offer is about making a bold, different statement – which is what Shoreditch is all about.

Luna & Curious

Whether you’re seeking women’s clothes, jewellery or kitschy homewares, Luna & Curious has what you need.

The store is very much about modern clothing that takes its inspiration from the mid-century period, so you can expect everything from flowing, twenties-inspired sundresses to gingham pocket bags. And, even better, Luna & Curious stock a range of books, stationery, bath products and more if you want to nab a gift while you’re there.

Good Hood

Regularly turning up in those ‘Best Stores in London’ lists, Good Hood is a great place to shop for everything from ceramics to womenswear to homewares. And, somehow, there’s a unifying, stripped-back theme to everything on offer.

Good Hood very much has its finger on the pulse of modern design, and everything you find in-store is always at the bleeding edge of cool. With so much on offer at Good Hood, you may very well find yourself carting out bags of shopping, even if you only went in for a quick peruse.

A Gold

Specialising in British-only produce, A Gold is more like a farmer’s market store in the heart of Shoreditch than a trendy deli, but it’s really a combination of both.

It’s a fantastic place to pick up British-produced honey, jam, sweets and much more besides, and, perhaps best of all, it’s only a stone’s throw from The M by Montcalm.

If you’re looking for a thoroughly British gift for someone, or if you want to treat yourself, A Gold is the place to go.