Five of the Most Famous Pieces of Street Art in Shoreditch

Street Art in Shoreditch

London is well known for its eclectic street art, but nowhere is this truer than in Shoreditch. As an urbanised hub filled with artists of all stripes, the district has a number of famous works sure to pique your interest as an art connoisseur or simply an avid traveller. Here’s our pick of the five best to look out for…


1. Banksy’s ‘Graffiti Area’ Artwork

Perhaps the most famous street artist in the world, Banksy helped to bring Shoreditch street art to the global stage. His most notorious work in the area is located on the back of Cargo nightclub’s beer garden on Rivington Street. Whilst lots of the art by Banksy has either been eroded by time or removed by the authorities, this particular piece survived due to the artist’s own dramatic rise to fame, making it less of a nuisance and more of a valued piece of cultural art which fans and followers have gone to great lengths to protect from the ravages of time and council intrusion.


2. Christiaan Nagel’s ‘Mushroom Art’

An internationally-renowned street artist, mushrooms are perhaps Nagel’s most famous work. The artist has placed these fungus-imitating creations all over the city, mostly appearing on rooftops. For art enthusiasts staying at the M by Montcalm London City, there’s one of his pieces nearby – a giant bright yellow mushroom perched beside Village Underground on Great Eastern Street.


3. Mr Cenz Brick Lane Mural at 5th Base Gallery

Located on the exterior of the 5th Base Gallery, this mural is one of Mr Cenz’s most recent additions to the Shoreditch area. Whether you’re a devoted art enthusiast or can’t wait to visit the Beauty & Melody Spa at M by Montcalm, you’ll be astonished by the work of this noted artist. Active in the street art community since the 1980s, Mr Cenz is one of London’s leading street-art lights – and this is one of his most stunning works, with surrealistic touches and a technicolour vibe.


4. Dale Grimshaw’s ‘West Papua Portrait’

Famed street artist Dale Grimshaw has artwork all over London, not only as murals on the walls of many buildings, but in some of the city’s most illustrious galleries. Recent works, such as this one on the corner of Hanbury Street and Brick Lane, focus on the Free West Papua Campaign. The artwork is particularly arresting and colourful, making you stand up and take notice while you stay at the M by Montcalm London City.


5. Jimmy C’s ‘Portrait of a Woman’

Located on Whitby Street, this stunning portrait by famed London street artist Jimmy C is created in a pointillism style using small paint dabs to create a stunning and colourful effect. There’s a certain whimsy to the work, too – making it stand out against some of the more geometrical artworks which Shoreditch is perhaps best known for.