Following the street art trail in Shoreditch

street art london

Street art is an ever-popular pursuit for visitors to Shoreditch, and if this is what you’re looking for then you are in luck! Fabulous street art has helped to create much of the creative backdrop of this vibrant, buzzing part of the city. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the major street art hotspots you should look out for during your visit…

Red Gallery at Rivington Street

One look at the exterior of the Red Gallery and you’ll be confronted with an eclectic mixture of pieces from some of the world’s most important street artists. The gallery is no longer open to the public, but it is still a haven for street art lovers, and the artists themselves. ‘Soarsie 68’ is the artwork by Annie McCloy which currently provides the centrepiece, and it’s also one of the largest street artworks in all of London. It is not, however, the only one. The building and the surrounding area provide ample opportunities for taking plenty of great photos of local street art, close to our luxury rooms in Shoreditch.

New Inn Yard

Next up on our street art trail, you have to head to New Inn Yard to see some of Shoreditch’s most infamous artworks. Artist Mr Cenz is a major player in the street art scene of London, and his full-scale murals are seen here on many local buildings. With technicolour flourishes and striking precision, these works have helped to established him as one of the city’s finest artistic exports.

King John Court

Another important space for street art fans staying at our luxury rooms in Shoreditch, this small enclave is filled with artwork by both up-and-coming and well-established figures in London’s street art scene. Almost every building and wall has something adorned on it, and the sheer variety of the work is astonishing. It could even be argued that this is the place where artists seem to be at their most creative, with lavish murals lighting up the whole area.

Holywell Lane

This is one district where the art seems to be constantly changing at a particularly rapid pace. It is possible that street artists are using it as a sort of testing ground for their ideas, but that simply makes a visit even more exciting – you never know what you might find. If you’re staying at the Montcalm, one of the top wedding venues in Shoreditch, then you should certainly make the trip armed with a camera!

Ebor Street

With lots of work by famous street artist Ben Eine on display here, the typography-centric work he is synonymous with is on full display at Ebor Street, with bright letters shouting out messages about peace to anyone who passes by.

Whitby Street

Another small but notable area of Shoreditch where you will find plentiful street art, Whitby Street should be a definite addition to your Shoreditch street art journey, and the artwork changes constantly for an added sense of adventure and discovery.