How to Get to the Thames from M By Montcalm and What to See Along the Way

Thames from MByMontcalm

Many visitors to London are eager to get to the Thames, the city’s world-famous waterway which runs throughout the city. Whilst tributaries of the river can be found throughout London, getting to its primary ‘hub’ allows you to take in some fantastic sights and really explore some of what the city has to offer.


Getting to the Thames

There are plenty of ways to reach the Thames from the M by Montcalm Hotel London. We recommend heading for the Westminster Bridge area where you can get a stunning view of the Thames and easy access to some major attractions in London.


Bus and Taxi

The no. 243 bus goes from Shoreditch to Waterloo regularly, then swap at Waterloo and get on the no. 211 for around 10 minutes. This option gives an affordable way to reach the Thames throughout the day. Taxis also cover the 3.9m journey, albeit at a higher price point.



Hiring a bike is a great way to see the sights whilst heading to the Thames. The trip from Shoreditch takes around twenty minutes, covering the quieter backstreets and parkland of the city. On the way you’ll pass areas such as St Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London.



Walking to the Thames will take half an hour when travelling at a leisurely pace. The trip allows you take in many fantastic landmarks of the city.


Thames - What to See Along the Way



The Circle Line will get you to Westminster via the tube in around six minutes, making it one of the speedier ways to reach the Thames.

Sights to see along the way include…


Houses of Parliament

Perched alongside the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament (sometimes called the Palace of Westminster) are the seat of the UK government. Not only is the building itself impressive, including the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as famed clock Big Ben – but it’s also in a beautiful spot, making for some great photos as mementoes of your trip and also giving you a truly unforgettable view during your stay at the M by Montcalm Hotel.


Tower Bridge

This famed suspension bridge is close to both the River Thames and another noted London landmark, the Tower of London. It’s become one of London’s most iconic symbols and connects the City of London with Southwark and Tower Hamlets. The bridge is a great showcase of the city’s riverside heritage, and a fabulous way to see the city before heading back to your hotel to peruse the M by Montcalm Restaurant Menu and celebrate a day well spent.


London Eye

One of London’s favourite tourist attractions, the London Eye not only provides you with an eagle-eye view of the city, but it’s situated right alongside the Thames – and if you take a spin, you’ll get very close to the water itself without the need to take a boat. This is ideal for packing lots into your trip.