As with most cities, each quarter has its own unique sense of character. West London is home to the wealthy and the A-List celebrities whilst South is full of students. East London is the area most thought of as having a wealth of art, young professionals and culture, alongside a rich history and great sense of diversity. This makes it a prime place to visit and indeed find accommodation to stay in. There are plenty of Reasons to visit East London, and here are just some of them.

Visit the 2012 Olympic Park

Built near to the Stratford area of East London, the Olympic Park has now been repurposed as a West Ham football stadium as well as a gym and fitness centre, including a swimming pool and a climbing wall. On top of this the nearby adventure park is kitted out with playgrounds for the children and water displays, perfect for a sunny day out. One of the great things about the Olympic Park is that many of the monuments built for the games have been repurposed, for instance the large red tower is now a huge winding slide, definitely not one to be missed.

Explore Hackney Wick

Once you’ve had enough of all things Olympic, you can find the amazing Hackney Wick just a short walk away. This vibrant and trendy area is full of repurposed warehouses along the Regents Canal. These now house a wealth of clubs, bars, restaurants and homes. On top of this there are art galleries and venues for live music whilst the canal side restaurant terraces are hot spots when the summer comes along.


The vibrant Shoreditch

SHoredithc is another popular part of East London and is also the home to M Montcalm Tech City. Both a cultural and business epicentre, Shoreditch has a lot to offer. With a diverse nightlife, lots of theatres and live music venues as well as independent art galleries, you can never go wrong in Shoreditch. For shopping opportunities, the Spitalfields Market plays host to a diverse range of accessories and vintage clothes, whilst Brick Lane is the go to for boutique fashion and music stores such as Rough Trade East.

Shopping in Stratford

For the more high street brands, such as H & M and Top Shop, look out for Westfields in Stratford. This massive shopping centre is home to hundreds of different brands and amasses an insane 1905542 square feet of retail space. Opened in 2011, Stratford East uses PaveGen flooring which uses the kinetic energy amassed to power the lights. Alongside the massive amount of shops, you can find a 24 hour casino and eve a cinema on the premises of this multimillion dollar Australian owned company.

Beautiful Parks

If you’re not feeling like shopping during your visit to East London, then check out Victoria Park in Hackney. Here you can find acres worth of green space, ripe for barbeques and football matches as well as paddling pools, skate parks and cafes. London Fields is a popular spot as well whilst the natural conservation area of Hackney Marshes gives a stunning view over London in the distance.