A guide to the alternative eateries of Shoreditch


One thing that you will never struggle to find on your adventure in London is great food. The city is home to a vibrant food scene that combines cultures and flavours from all over the world.

Outside the realm of luxury restaurants, you will find a selection of quirky cafes and food vendors near the M by Montcalm Shoreditch. If you’re looking to treat your taste buds to something different on your trip to London, book one of our rooms in Shoreditch to check out these alternative eateries.



Old Street, London

This bright restaurant and bar combines healthy food and drinks with the colourful décor of the 80s. Redemption is all about treating yourself without spoiling yourself. The diverse menu consists of unique dishes that are made using fresh ingredients. On the menu, you will find all kinds of delicious options that are gluten-free, organic and vegan-friendly. A particular favourite amongst guests is the range of smoothie cocktails served in vintage glasses. If you’re trying to watch what you eat, Redemption is the perfect place to treat yourself to something new while staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch.

Bull in a China Shop

Shoreditch High Street, London

As you travel around London, you will find countless Asian-inspired eateries and Chinese restaurants but none are quite like this. Not only is the cuisine at Bull in a China Shop delicious, it is also cooked with fresh ingredients every day. The chefs specialise in crafting exquisite dishes with a mixture of perfectly-cooked rotisserie chicken and a blend of Asian spices and ingredients. The interior of Bull in a China Shop is gorgeous, clad with brass fixtures and rustic wooden furniture. Be sure to try the bao buns which are a favourite amongst visitors.

The Book Club

Leonard Street, London

With such a diverse menu that’s full of flavour, it’s no wonder why so many people head to this quirky eatery every day. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a hearty snack, there’s plenty to choose from. However, it’s not just the food that brings people to The Book Club. Inside you’ll find all kinds of fun bar games as well as ping pong tables so you can challenge your friends after a few drinks. The Book Club also offers space for singers, poets and performers of all kind throughout the year so be sure to stop by and catch a show.

Barrio Shoreditch

Shoreditch High Street, London

Step inside this vibrant bar and transport yourself to the heart of Brazil- if Brazil had been taken over by hipsters. Neon lights, vintage fixtures and bright, stripy wallpaper are the elements that make up the eccentric décor inside Barrio. The electric atmosphere and incredible Spanish-inspired food make this colourful eatery a must for anyone in search of something different to the elegant restaurants of Central London. If you’re looking for a place to drink, it’s worth heading there just to browse the cocktail menu.