A guide to the Golden Lane Estate


When you want to explore the real side of London and get away for the usual tourist traps, heading to one of capital’s estates can add an authentic vibe to your trip. Situated in the hip area of Shoreditch, the Golden Lane Estate is a great place to explore.

The Golden Lane Estate is a 1950’s council housing complex that was built on an area of the capital that had been devastated during the Blitz of World War II. Focusing on singles and couple that were working in London after the war, many of the flats are studios or have just one bedroom. The increase in popularity of tall, high rise buildings means that the Golden Lane Estate, while densely populated, has plenty of open space so it doesn’t feel too crowded. The design of the estate was left to a competition, allowing architects to get back to their craft following the war and attracted a lot of entries.

But why should you visit this little slice of London?

To view the architecture

If you’re a fan of looking at architecture from a bygone decade, the Golden Lane Estate is a great place to discover the 50s. You’ll find a few buildings that survived the second world war and those that have been patched up but most here are what you would expect from the post-war era. In fact, the estate became a symbol of the recovery process. Tower blocks with concrete finishes and bright primary colours line the streets, taking you back to the 50s. If you’re staying at one of the boutique hotels Shoreditch has to offer, you’re just a stone’s throw away from the Golden Lane Estate.

To get incredible views

Places in London are always boasting of the incredible views they offer of the city. The high rise Great Arthur House is topped by a roof garden that has views of the stunning St Paul’s Cathedral and the Barbican estate, making it the perfect spot to snap some photographs to show off once you return from your trip. It used to be used for recreational purposes by all the residents of the estate, while it’s now closed much of the time for health and safety reasons, a lucky few are allowed to climb the stairs to this tranquil spot.

To wander around Fortune Street Park

Wherever you’re staying in London, whether its at one of our boutique hotels Shoreditch or another area, Fortune Street Park is well worth a visit. Named after the theatre that used to stand here before it became a designated park following the Blitz, it’s a beautiful, calming spot to get away from the urban environment. During the colder months it’s the ideal place to take an autumn or winter stroll and in the summer, it comes to life with community activities that everyone can take part in.

To take in a performance at the Barbican Theatre

From the Golden Lane Estate, you’ll be able to see and take a short walk to the famous Barbican Centre. There’s always something interesting going on at the world class arts and learning centre, from dance productions to film screenings. As well as checking the schedule for your visit, the Barbican is a great place to grab some food and explore the onsite shops to pick up some mementos of your London trip.