Your Guide to a Shoreditch Retro Shopping Spree


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Shoreditch has many of the finest, largest retro stores anywhere in the capital. After all, Shoreditch is always on-trend, and retro is one of those trends that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

And that means you can find a vast array of amazing retro clothes, accessories and even homewares, all without travelling too far from your base at M Hotel Shoreditch.

So, if you’ve got the itch to do some retro shopping, read on and see some of the best stores Shoreditch has to offer.

Absolute Vintage

If you’re looking for a retro store that offers a massive range of bags, men’s and women’s clothing and more – all arranged into easy to find categories – Absolute Vintage is somewhere you need to visit.

Absolute Vintage has a very light, airy feel about the store itself, with the staff always happy to jump in and help you find whatever it is you’re seeking. And, even better, the range of stock is extremely deep, and you can easily spend an hour or two finding amazing pieces. The only problem is knowing when to stop and contain yourself.

The store also features regular, big discount sales with promotions like £3 sales on items a common occurrence. The Hanbury street Location is just off Shoreditch High Street, so you won’t have any issues finding the place.

Hunky Dory Vintage

Right on Brick Lane and, thus, close to the famous Brick Lane Market, Hunky Dory Vintage is a fantastic place to find vintage clothes covering the entire gamut of twentieth-century style.

The focus here is solely on vintage clothing, but when Hunky Dory says ‘vintage’, they really mean it. The owners and staff take great care curating the store, offering up everything from authentic 1920’s women’s dresses to men’s leather coats hailing from the 1950’s. In other words, it’s a treasure trove of carefully chosen, one-hundred percent authentic retro wear.

Hunky Dory Vintage is only a ten-minute walk from M Hotel Shoreditch, so you don’t have far to go if you overindulge and end up with bags full of fantastic vintage duds.


Formerly known as ‘Blitz’, ATIKA puts a particular focus on retro clothing from the 1970’s up to the present, which means you can find those on-trend nineties pieces you’re searching for in abundance.

ATIKA takes a more modern, stylised approach to the vintage market, feeling like something in-between an upscale boutique and a temple to retro chic. And, covering over 6,000 square feet – yes, you read that correctly! – ATIKA is somewhere you can lose yourself for a good few hours. The store estimates they have around 20,000 unique pieces of vintage clothing on-site, and that includes retro iterations of big-name designers like Levi, Armani and much, much more. If you do end up sucked into an hours-long retro shopping spree, you’re only a quick walk from your hotel and the culinary delights of the M By Montcalm Restaurant menu.

And ATIKA does a great job of organising their massive range of stock, making it easy to find that pair of retro, stonewashed jeans you’ve been hankering after.