Hidden music venues in London you need to know about


Music-loving London is a fantastic place to visit for those eager to find an unexpected gig or simply discover something new to listen to. With a wide range of different genres catered to throughout the city, here’s our top picks of London’s hidden music venues to discover before you arrive…

Gremio de Brixton

Located in the crypt below St Matthews Church, this bar holds resident DJ sessions each weekend, making this one well-kept secret amongst London locals which you’ll love exploring while staying at the M by Montcalm Tech City. The bar also has delicious food and drink on offer, with Spanish tapas and a packed cocktail bar helping to add to the fantastic atmosphere at this lesser-known but nonetheless impressive London find.

Brunel Museum Thames Tunnel

This is the world’s first ever underground theatre, with a range of shows, concerts and opera creating a truly magical venue. Hidden away below the River Thames, the Brunel Museum is placed within the oldest tunnel on the underground, and first began hosting fairs and banquets during the 19th century. A truly magical and quintessentially British experience which will delight both music fans and history fans alike, perfect for enjoying while you stay at our suites in Shoreditch at any time of year.

The Dublin Castle

There’s four live bands playing each night at this Camden mainstay, showcasing the best of indie rock and alternative music. Plenty of the UK’s biggest acts got their start here, and every now and then an old friend returns to play a show once more. There are also late-night DJ sessions at the weekend, for when you’re looking for something a little different during your visit to the M by Montcalm Tech City.

Dublin Castle

The Windmill

Brixton’s own The Windmill has a tiny capacity of just 150 people, but that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the top secret music venues to watch. Some of the biggest emerging acts in the alternative music scene have played here over the years, and the venue frequently finds its way into ‘London’s Best Music Venue’ polls whilst remaining relatively unknown by the masses. This sense of exclusivity and secrecy is aided by the small size of the venue, but also supported by the sheer talent of the acts it attracts. One to add to your list while staying at suites in Shoreditch.


Ideal for those seeking something a little out of the ordinary, this marvel is as impressive as it is secretive, hosting live jazz, blues, soul and swing throughout the week as well as a selection of stand-up comedians at the weekend. With great food on offer, the venue has developed an enviable reputation over the last few years and the atmosphere here is unbeatable. With stylish surroundings and a well-stocked bar, it’s no wonder that both established and emerging artists flock for a space here – and the varied programme of British and international performers is sure to provide much to talk about during your visit to the city.