A Hip Weekend Itinerary for Second Time Visitors to the M By Montcalm


There’s so much going on in the Shoreditch area that covering it all in one visit is impossible. From film to art to the great outdoors, Shoreditch and the surrounding areas have enough to offer that a second visit to the area is always a good idea.

And if you’ve got a taste for the different, for seeking out the things that most people don’t see, then we’ve got the perfect weekend itinerary for you. Everything below is easy to reach from Montcalm Shoreditch, so you don’t have far to go to delve a little deeper into Shoreditch and its nearby areas.

Whitechapel Gallery

Just over a century ago, Whitechapel was one of the worst – possible the worst – areas in all of London. Most people know this reputation culminated with the brief, terrifying events surrounding Jack the Ripper, but today Whitechapel is a vibrant area stocked with great art and culture. And one of the very best examples of this is Whitechapel Gallery. Even better, it’s only a fifteen-minute journey from the gallery to M by Montcalm Restaurant, if you need to retire and rest your feet after trawling through the large gallery.

If you have an interest in modern art, or just want to see thought-provoking work, Whitechapel Gallery has an always-updating roster of exhibitions, as well as a considerable amount of work permanently on display in-house.

It’s a thoroughly modern place, but that doesn’t mean its cold or unwelcoming – quite the opposite. Whitechapel Gallery is one of the best galleries in the area, and it’s well worth seeking out on your second visit to the M by Montcalm.

Electric Cinema

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than hunkering down in the cinema and catching a movie. Except, that is when your seat is a plush sofa or armchair. And that’s a big part of the Electric Cinema experience. The idea behind the cinema is to provide a comfortable – and we mean comfortable – viewing experience, with smaller audience numbers and a truly retro feel.

Part fifties-inspired movie house and part modern, upmarket cinema experience, Electric Cinema is unlike anything else in the Shoreditch area and more than worth seeking out on your second visit to the area. It’s only a short journey from Montcalm Shoreditch, so there’s no reason to miss out.

Finsbury Park Boats

If you’re returning to the M by Montcalm in the autumnal months, one of the best ways to take in the changing seasons and looks of the area is by taking a boat ride at Finsbury Park.

You can find private-hire rowboats on-site, making for the ideal autumn afternoon escape from the noise and the bustle of the city. It’s always worth making sure you purchase some feed, as the local ducks and swans expect to get food from visitors to their pond. And if you’re feeling a little sore after your exertions, you’re close by to the M by Montcalm Spa.

Finsbury Park is one of the most beautiful spots in London, and there’s nothing like taking it all in from the comfort of your very own rowboat.