A hipster blogger’s guide to Shoreditch


Ever since the blogging craze swept across the internet, travellers, foodies, and photographers have ventured to London to discover all of the best, hidden spots and share their thoughts and reviews with their followers.

If you’re looking to update your blog with some captivating and engaging new posts, the M by Montcalm Tech City is the perfect place to do it. Our suites in Shoreditch are at the heart of London’s most vibrant area. Here are some of the best alternative spots that your readers will love.

Nana Bar

Charlotte Road, London

Everyone loves a bowl of ice cream but unfortunately, not everyone likes how unhealthy it can be. Vegans and health-conscious foodies will love to hear that there’s now a place in Shoreditch where they can satisfy their craving for sweet, frosty treats without the dairy. Instead of using milk, Nana Bar creates delicious desserts using frozen bananas. After opening, the trendy eatery became an instant hit and is a go-to place for hipsters in London. Nana Bar is sure to go down well with your readers so be sure to check it out when you visit the M by Montcalm Tech City.



Bethnal Green Road, London

Shopping centres and retail parks aren’t something that would usually appeal to hipsters but this quirky collection of shops and boutiques is a far cry from mainstream places like Harrods and Oxford Street. Boxpark is an alternative retail project that houses a wide range of indie shops, pop-up boutiques and colourful eateries inside a collection of repurposed shipping containers. The sights, sounds, smells and flavours offer a huge amount of inspiration for bloggers. Whether you’re a photographer, a foodie or a fashion expert, you’ll have plenty to write about at Boxpark.

Flashback Records

Bethnal Green Road, London

Music bloggers and alternative culture writers will not want to pass up on a chance to dig through the crates at Flashback Records and share what you find with your readers. The alternative music scene has been taken over by vinyl and this is the perfect opportunity for you to share with your followers the hidden gems that can be found in the record shops of Shoreditch. Whether you’re looking to review certain albums or just document your experience in the shop, Flashback Records is a perfect talking point for your blog.

Street art

Take a stroll along Shoreditch High Street or down any of the side streets and it won’t be long before you come across an incredible graffiti painting or street mural. Shoreditch has gained a reputation for being one of the best areas in London to see street art and nowhere compares if you’re looking to capture the city’s alternative side and give your readers a peek into the world of urban art. The walls, pavements and buildings of Shoreditch serve as canvases to some of the London’s most talented street artists so be sure to take your camera along and document what you find.