A hipster’s guide to Shoreditch


Shoreditch is the hub of London life for hipsters so there’s no better place to plan your cool weekend break. The alternative anti-pop lifestyle has spread over London with the introduction of all sorts of shops and attractions that are way outside the box of ordinary touristy activities. There are more people than ever adopting the hipster lifestyle and Shoreditch has become a place of pilgrimage for many of them.

If you’re looking for hipster-friendly activities be sure to check into the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London to really make the most of the area. Our Shoreditch Hotels London are situated right at the heart of London’s most prominent hipster hang out. Follow our guide to avoid all of the common tourist traps and find the best alternative spots in Shoreditch.

Fashion Stores in Shoreditch


Absolute Vintage

The latest trend when it comes to alternative fashion is vintage. If you’re looking for the most eye-catching threads it’s all about looking backwards and dressing like your grandparents would. There are plenty of great retro clothes shops in Shoreditch and Absolute Vintage is a perfect example. The alternative shop on Hanbury Street opened its doors in 2003 and has since been filling hipsters’ wardrobes with all kinds of vintage outfits. You won’t have to travel far from your room at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London as the shop is located just around the corner.

Backyard Market

Brick Lane, London

Fashion isn’t the only industry that has been travelling back in time over the last few years. Hipster music fans have turned away from modern music formats and digital downloads in favour of old school vinyl records. Backyard Market is a favourite amongst local music lovers thanks to its extensive collection of records. As you dig through the crates you’ll find everything from vintage rock prints to recent releases by popular artists. If you want to go full hipster it’s time to dust off the old record player and crack out the vinyl.


Junkyard Golf

Brick Lane, London

Before you skip ahead because mini golf just isn’t cool enough, here what we have to say about this alternative adventure golf course. Forget the brightly coloured obstacles and cheesy clown faces, this hipster-friendly course is made up of old car parts and disused washing machines. The neon-clad interior makes Junkyard Golf the perfect place for you and your friends to have an evening out. Before you disregard the idea remember, being a hipster is all about doing what isn’t ‘cool’.

Cereal Killer Café

Brick Lane, London

It doesn’t get much more alternative than a café which specialises in breakfast cereal. The popular hipster eatery has become one of the most talked about new ventures on Brick Lane and has drawn a lot of attention with its unique approach to London dining. From Frosties to Fruit Loops, the guys at Cereal Killer Café offer just about every type of breakfast snack you can think of. What’s more, you can even choose the type of milk you want and read classic comic books while you enjoy your breakfast, any time of the day.